Transparent counter-revolutionary plot of the Trotskyst fleas

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Wed Oct 9 10:35:53 MDT 1996

Adolfo wrote:

>Here is the kernel of what the PONCE writing from Lima has to say to his
>Trotskyst ponce Rodwell to transmit:
>>The trotkyists in
>>Peru are fighting for united front actions with the unions and the left to
>>resist Fujimori attacks. We ask the few PCP-SL which continue opposing
>>Gonzalo's "national agreement for peace" to subordinate their weapons and
>>militias to the decisions of the workers and peasant assemblies and
>>movement and that, instead of maintaining a sectarian sterile militarist
>>campaign, they should build a united front.
>What is this but the old Fujimori/CIA/RIM/QUISPE tune?:

So it is. My differences with comrade Adolfo nothwithstanding,
this should be stressed, as one main point at least in that
"Lima 1963 and Adolfo" controversy.

Rolf M.

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