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Wed Oct 9 13:48:30 MDT 1996

Louis P replied to me:

>> Ever heard of cartels? In the defence industry? Anyhow, a tank factory by
>> any other name would smell as sweet.
>Louis: "By any other name?" Now I see we are getting somewhere. Why don't
>we call it the Red Lollipop Division of General Motors and be done with

Louis should stop quibbling about names and prove that Bob didn't work at
the tank factory. That would require a bit of Hard Journalistic Work -- not
even intellectual, just Hard.

>> Spectacular anti-Dow Chemical actions that nobody knows about. Well, there
>> were so few actions during the brief and victorious campaign of the US
>> against the pointy hats, so there can have been no actions at all that
>> weren't mentioned in one of Louis's lunch-time indexes.
>Louis: I simply pointed out that Tom Wells identified the key anti-Dow
>action as taking place in March 1969 and led by Catholic activists. This
>doesn't stretch credulity, does it?

Louis didn't characterize Wells's stuff as relating to *key* actions. He
implied it was *all* actions, because he used the absence of Bob's actions
>from Wells's book as circumstantial evidence that BOB IS A LIAR AND A

Where Louis is concerned nothing stretches credulity -- except intellectual
honesty and revolutionary Marxist principles.

>Does the notion of a an ex-drug
>dealing employee of the Chrysler division of General Motors having carried
>out the key anti-Dow action 8 months later stretch credulity? Well, it
>does mine and Rosser's, no particular ally of mine.

Why the drugs smear?? To smear Bob, of course. Louis should sign up for the
Dole campaign -- he could use a trained drug smearer.

Red Lollipop, Chrysler, Rose or Allison Division -- GM has had a *lot* of
folks working for it.

An easy question. If the *key* actions were so goddam *key*, how come the
napalm was still flowing so much later -- and making necessary more actions
if the burning of innocent working people and their children was to be

>> He doesn't realize that without the resistance and sacrifice of ordinary
>> joes, there'd be nothing for him and his petty-bourgeois pals to
>> administer, patronize and bask in the reflected glory of.
>Louis: Actually, this is what galls me about the Malecki-thing, whatever
>it is. He takes credit for the heroic actions of others, people like the

Phil Berrigan should be the one to get pissed off at this, not Louis on his
behalf. Phil writes to Bob as a friend and fellow anti-war activist. Louis
is obviously lying with intent to smear and discredit.

>My own activity was fairly mundane: raising money, getting
>people aboard buses, passing out leaflets, marshalling at demonstrations.

Yet you never cease telling us about it. Yet you always slam Bob for
telling us about what he did. His activities were riskier, and more direct.

>While it was fairly mundane, it did happen. That is the difference.

No. The difference is that Bob doesn't smear and drag down others who took
part in the anti-war effort on a personal level -- he makes political
criticisms of them, but that's not the same thing.

Bob's activities took place. Louis has provided no proof whatsoever that
they didn't. He has a slip of the memory in relation to a name, and that's
What has he done? Nothing.

Bob, although he owes Louis nothing in the way of proof, has started
posting the relevant clips from the relevant sources. It'll be the usual
Houdini cliffhanger watching Louis squirm and slither his way out of this

It is blatantly obvious that the only reason Louis P launched his desperate
campaign of character assassination against Bob was in order to discredit a
Trotskyist with a platform of building a Bolshevik-Leninist party to
overcome the crisis of proletarian leadership that is still racking the

Louis's "Marxism" is precisely the kind of "Marxism" that Marx would be
ashamed to be associated with. Marx took arguments and logic seriously. If
a proof held, he followed it.

Louis follows the opposite path. If the evidence goes against his
standpoint, he ignores it and carries on as if nothing had happened. This
is the ultimate idealism. It's greatest heights can be observed in Adolfo.
Louis is more mundane, the foothills of the Ghostly Andes of Idealism, as
it were. Same processes of disregarding revolutionary solidarity and
principles. Same breathtakingly brutal arrogance. Same utter disregard for
history and calling things by their proper names.

Adolfo and Louis P are diseased monkeys on the back of the revolutionary
movement. Their ability to cling on and pretend they're the head of the
movement instead of a parasitical embarrassment is in inverse proportion to
the strength of the movement. As the movement grows stronger, their clutch
will weaken. A cheering prospect for us all.



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