Another rotten block? Vlad and Olaechea.

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Wed Oct 9 15:56:13 MDT 1996

>JV asked me to forward this message. --
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> Vlad wrote in relation to the bloc between liberal "marxists" and the
> pro-PCPSL mao-stalinists:
> "Tsik, tsik, tsik, what a rotten, what an archi-rotten little block we
> have gotten in! And with some Wall-Street marxists at that! Indeed, our
> flexibility is infinite."
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> and another message;
> "The Rotten Block Must and Will Be Smashed!
> Recent threats indicate beyond any doubt that we have another little
> rotten block  on our hands. And not for the first time on this list.
> In the context of Proyect's provocation against Malecki, lumpen-stalinists
> from US smell blood and join with the bourgeois wing of the
> metropolitan left against Trotsky and his revolutionary followers.
> Most unfortunately, they have been joined by Oleachea.  Again.
> This block must be smashed, routed (no prisoners taken), dispersed
> and exposed for what it is: the propagandist tool on the service of
> the most reactionary forces of capitalist restoration in Eurasia.
> What is the objective goal of this unholy alliance?  The same as that
> of the protofascist regimes of capitalist restoration in Eastern Europe
> and FSU. Their objective goal is to deceive the struggling masses that
> Stalin was "Lenin today," to demoralise, disorient them, and to prevent
> the formation of new revolutionary vanguard in Russia and elsewhere.
> Their objective goal is to smear the leader of the
> international proletariat as the alleged predecessor of Kain-Stalin,
> the grave digger of October, the executioner of the proletarian vanguard
> around the world! Ever the lackeys of reaction, they mask their
> their scheme by attacking Trotsky, but their real aim is Lenin, and
> the fundamental ideals of  October.
> This is why this rotten block must be smashed, and it will be smashed!
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> Nevertheless, Vladimir decided to join the rotten bloc!
> In the discussion on the PCPSL killings of trotskyists and left militants
> the stalinists from the pro-Bezhnev New Communist Party (UK) sided with the
> mao-stalinists from the PCPSL and were backed by liberals like Doug. That
> was the continuation of the rotten bloc against Lenin and Trotsky.
> As Vladimir said this rotten bloc was based in "a provocation against
> Malecki" made by "lumpen-stalinists".
> In the discussion on the PCPSL, the "rotten block" lead by Olaechea and
> supported by the NCP Stalin-Brezhnevites, decided to launch a provocation
> against the Peruvian trotskyists, Poder Obrero and most of the trotskyists
> in this list (Plant, Hugh, Malecki, etc.).
> If Louis P. made verbal provocations to malecki, the Olaechea's accusations
> on Poder Obrero and others as "CIA-FUjimori agents", "more right wing than
> the criminal fascist generals", "mouthpieces of Fujimori", etc. are direct
> linking with physical threats on their life. For Olaechea all the people
> which he call "agents" deserve to be murder!
> The PCPSL put bombs in the embassies of the USSR, China, Cuba, etc. in Lima.
> The PCPSL believe that all off them are fascist and social-imperialist
> states which doesn't have to be defended against imperialism. The PCPSL
> don't care is capitalism is restored in the east like they don't care if the
> unions and the left are destroyed in Peru. For them the elimination of the
> rest of the left is a pre-requisite of the victory of their party, no matter
> if its is done by the reaction!
> Vladimir wrote very interesting pieces in the list. Why he decided to join
> the rotten block?
> Maybe he is misinformed on the situation in Peru.
> Vladimir, please read the last Red Flag. There are many news on Peru but
> NOTHING, absolutely nothing, on the Peruvian workers movement. The PCPSL
> doesn't seem to be interested in our proletarian class. They saw the workers
> movement as an enemy and Olaechea already declared that the workers
> organisations in Peru are "fascists".
> In Peru every revolutionary have to defend the Lenininist and Trotskyists
> ideas not only against the state but also against the stalinist militarist
> attacks on the working class.

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