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On Mon, 7 Oct 1996, Doug Henwood wrote:

> Really? As a contrib editor of the magazine, I'd like to hear more. Which
> author, which article, which issue, and which official of Fujimori's
> government?
> Doug
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> Doug Henwood

Sorry for the delay in getting back. Here is the information:

1. See "The Nation", March 15, 1993 article by Sonia Goldenberg called
"Shining Path's American Friends", who is described as a Peruvian
journalist. Goldenberg may have been related to a high official of
the Peruvian govt. (neice of Peruvian US ambassador, not wife) according
to one source. In her article, Goldenberg references Robin Kirk's article
"Shining Path's War on Hope", The Nation, March 30, 1992 issue. If I
remember correctly, Kirk was exposed as a "senderologist" and not
truthful in this list sometime ago.

2.Sometime in mid 1993, there also was a full-page advertisement
in The Nation which was endorsed by liberals and academics against the
IEC and SP.

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