FWD : Poder Obrero on the Peru-Ecuador war

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The following is forwarded from Poder Obrero :

We agree with Olaechea when he said: "by undertaking within Peru, and
promoting within Ecuador, the unity of our proletariat and people in the
Leninist road of turning the reactionary war into revolutionary civil war"

Nevertheless that’s a contradictory position in relation to what the
PCPSL wrote in Peru and also with what Olaechea said. He criticised us because

"refuse to resist any possible invasion of the REACTIONARY PRO-IMPERIALIST ARMY
OF ECUADOR - and presumably, would also advise their Ecuadorian counter-parts
not to oppose any invasion by the REACTIONARY AND PRO-IMPERIALIST ARMY OF PERU"

We didn’t call for a national resistance in Peru or Ecuador and we didn’t
call for the defence of the borders.  That was the position of the PCPSL.

We call for the fraternisation of the soldiers and peoples from Ecuador and
Peru and for a socialist federation of the region as the only alternative.

The PCPSL called for the defence of the borders and to resist Ecuador's
invasion and violation of "our" fatherland. The PCPSL is against the
fraternisation of the workers movements of Peru and Ecuador because it is
against the workers organisations and unions.

Olaechea criticised Poder Obrero because;

" they "call for a Federation" of Peru-Ecuador (and the rest of latin
America and the world presumably).  Aren't this silly twits great for
"crying out loud" without lifting a finger to make their calls a reality?
A Federation of what?  Of two reactionary states and armed forces both
subservient to US imperialism!."

We are for a SOCIALIST federation of the region as the only way to defeat
imperialism and capitalism. The PCPSL is against that because they are in
favour of maintaining a SEPARATE bourgeois state in Peru under the form of a
"popular republic" based in a class-alliance with the "national bourgeoisie"
and led by a militarist petite bourgeois single party.


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