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Wed Oct 9 23:57:00 MDT 1996

The following is forwarded from Poder Obrero :

Yesterday Olaechea promised that he would leave the marxism-list. Since then he
sent more than a dozen messages. None of them answering any political point.All
of them slandering with any weapon.

The way in which he "replies" to some messages is to re-send them with a
different title, like

* "FUJIMORI USING A TROTSKYST LOUDHAILER to sell his "peace fraud"

*Counter-revolutionary history Re: Lima 1963 and Chiara


Several times he refers his opponents which super-macho characterisation as
"totally useless eunuchs". In Peru the PCPSL condemned the homosexuals as
"eunuch" who deserve to be extirpated, corrected or killed. Many gay people
were murdered by this stalinist guerrilla. The PCPSL forbids any person to have
any more than one sexual relationship. The women or men who have more than one
sexual relationship are physically punished.

These are not the worst attacks. Lets see some of them. The people that
disagree with him, Poder Obrero, Plant, Malecki, Hugh, Plant, Ponce, Ruiz,
etc., are:

- "Fujimori mouthpiece"
- "stinking corpses,... who had allied themselves to the rich and the
powerful to fight to preserve a reactionary and pro Us imperialist state."
- "Poder Obrero... (and) people like Rodwell and malecki, are nothing but
counter-revolutionary saboteurs and windbags!
- "the counter-revolutionary bourgeois pacifism of the *Fujimori/CIA
"Trotskysts" of Poder Obrero"*
- " That is the character of *New Fascism*!.
- "The Poder Obrero - like Plant - are *not "leftists" of any recognisable
sort*.They are counter-revolutionaries who *stand to the right even of the
Peruvian fascist generals* who at least have the honesty of admitting that the
waving of phoney "socialists" shrouds is their own original idea! Plant,
Rodwell, and Poder Obrero are nothing but the *monkeys of these organs
grinders.* *Down with the Orwellian sects working for the imperialist secret

Some comrades in Europe or North America could think that these are the
insults of a person which lost control of itself or is mad. In fact, the
PCPSL are not playing games at all. They KILL every person who they
insulted like that.

Many in the list would not like the positions of Plant, Hugh, Poder Obrero,
etc. but you can recognise that we are part of the left. For the
"chancellor" of the PCPSL we are "new fascism" and even worst than Fujimori and
the CIA because we "*stand to the right even of the Peruvian fascist generals*".

If some person in the list writes "down with this or that party" he would be
making a polemical attack. In the case of the PCPSL when they say "*Down with
the Orwellian sects working for the imperialist secret services!*" they take it
very seriously. If you don't believe ask Chiara, Cantoral, Huillca and other
workers leaders murdered by them.

In different messages it was proved that the PCPSL shot members of all the
political left currents which are in the marxism list: pro-castro, pro-USSR,
pro-Albania, pro-China, trotskyists, new left, etc.  What is the answer of
Olaechea: It was well done and we have to continue with that task!

Lets see one of his writings:

"Fujimori mouthpiece complains because the revolutionary rank and file (and
also leading militants of the real Left abroad) have already seen through the
counter-revolutionary cretins and swindlers dressed up as "pro-Moscow", -
"pro-Peking" - "pro-Albania" in Peru and seen them for what they are;  PRO US

For Olaechea you are more revolutionary if you kill more people. The main
critique that he makes of us is that:

"They have never even killed a fly ... these eunuchs have never killed or
done anything to its pretended political opponents ..  Not a single one!"

Because we never kill any of our opponents; "That is why their words are
only empty gas and their actions counter-revolutionary in nature."

Many people in the marxist list could think that the PCPSL is leading a
revolution in Peru. Now you can see the other FACE of them. It is a
political movement that not only fights against imperialism but also against
the left, the workers movement and the unions.

The PCPSL is not interested in discussing with the rest of the left and even
less to make common actions. The PCPSL aim is to smash all the left with
slanders and physical violence!

Poder Obrero Peru

jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk

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