FBI collaborator Robert A. Malecki reveals part of his role!

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Wed Oct 9 17:29:37 MDT 1996

>Jun 26, 71 (The Plain Dealer)
>3 War Foes Charged
>in Having Dynamite
>by Brian Williams
>  A federal grand jury yesterday charged three men with illegal possession
>of dynamite.  The trio allegedly plotted to detonate explosives at public
>buildings in Ohio.
>  Indicted were Robert A. Malecki, 28, of 3205 W. 120th Street; Robert P.
>Brake Jr,. 20, of Akron, and Theodore L. Soars, 29........
>  Each faces a maximum penalty of 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine for
>the offense, which comes under the National Firearms Act of 1968 and makes
>it illegal to possess unregistered dynamite.

>  Last Sept. 28, an Erie County grand jury indicted Malecki, Soars and Miss
>Roberta Lynn Jackson, 19, of 4000 Clinton Avenue N.W. with breaking into a
>dynamite shack belonging to Cleveland Quarries Co. in Birmingham, O.
>  According to the FBI, the theft occurred Oct. 26, 1969, during the day.
>The FBI was told by quarry officials that about 150 sticks had been taken
>with blasting caps and a detonator.
>  The explosives, the FBI said, were to be used at a federal building, the
>Ohio Statehouse, State Selective Services headquarters in Columbus and a
>Cleveland Illuminating Co. generating plant.
>  Brake allegedly buried the explosives in the Rocky River Reservation of
>Metropolitan park where they were recovered by the FBI.
>  The breaking and entering charges are still pending against Malecki and
>Soares, but Miss Jackson will not be prosecuted.
>July 8, 1970 (The Plain Dealer)
>Draft Office Vandals
>Get Prison Terms
>  A Cleveland man and an Akron man were sentenced to three years in prison
>yesterday in Baltimore, Md. for ransacking a Maryland draft (office and
>entering Gov)(sic) ernment property.
>  The Clevelander, Robert A. Malecki, will be brought here to look for a
>hidden cache of dynamite.
>  U. S. District Judge Alexander Harvey II, who imposed the sentences on
>Malecki, 27, of 3205 W. 120th Street and Robert H. Brake, 20, of Akron, said
>he would sign an order permitting the defendants removal to Ohio.
>  Testimony indicated Malecki knew of dynamite hidden in a Cleveland park
>and had drawn maps for Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, but they were
>unable to find it.
>  Judge Harvey said he was interested in the possibility the sentence could
>be modified if Malecki helped find the explosives.


I am flabbergasted that someone could be so up-front with evidence of his
real role and no-one pays any attention to his confession:

Is publishing this below not tantamount to a self-indictment on the part of
the self-confessed one time FBI collaborator Robert A. Malecki?


>  Testimony indicated Malecki knew of dynamite hidden in a Cleveland park
>and had drawn maps for Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, but they were
>unable to find it.

That they were unable to find it, only shows that malecki's brain was
already totally fried and no one could be surprised if his maps were of no
use, just as everything he does or says today is equally useless.  However,
once a plod, always a plod!

MOREOVER: That Robert A. Malecki told the court in HIS TESTIMONY (the stool
pigeon that sang) that he "knew of Dynamite hidden" and had "drawn maps for
the FBI to find it", is that something any revolutionary would have done in
order to get a lighter sentence?  Plea bargaining on your knees before the
reactionary organs of the state power of the bourgeosie!

As the Plain Dealer says:

>  Judge Harvey said he was interested in the possibility the sentence could
>be modified if Malecki helped find the explosives.

This is clearly the type of dishonourable conduct proper of anarchists
playing at revolution.  This is precisely how many "activists" end up
establishing a long term relationship with the "forces of order" and acting
for many years as agent provocateurs within organisations which - due to
their liberalism and opportunism - would allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to
join their ranks.  That is exactly how liberarism and opportunism, in
Lenin's words, "facilitates the tasks of the Zubatovs".

I would be tempted to investigate seriously what happened to malecki's other
co-accussed.  Who was sold down the river by whom?  What deal was struck by
malecki with the FBI and, more importantly in view of his comings and goings
in this list, is that deal still in force?

One of the reports says that the Dynamite was eventually found by the FBI,
and the other that the sentencing "could be modified" IF MALECKI HELPED
FOUND THE EXPLOSIVES.  Any more could be independently obtained to show if
that "deal" went through?  What was the final sentence and the time actually
served for that incident?  There may be juicy details right there!

Now, now, now, malecki: Cutting deals with the FBI, heh?! I didn't know
that! And these blokes are not even the national bourgeosie of an oppressed
country, but only the myrmidons of US imperialist capital!  How do you
account for that?

Really, have you no shame? Why don't you go jump into the nearest Swedish
river - I see - ecologist minded people may protest that way out for you.
Is that why you "died" and became a "Lumpen-Trotskyst"?   Was that part of
the deal with the FBI?

Your own "vindication" raises very serious implications and shows that those
accussing you on the general grounds of your behaviour of being a snitch,
are being provided with the necessary proof thanks SPECIALLY to your own big

Sorry fellow, but my charges against you stand NOW fair and square MORE THAN
EVER.  Now I can say that you have proven yourself to have once been Robert
A. Malecki the irresponsible anarchist-terrorist and FBI collaborator as
described in the Plain Dealer!  That is enough for the moment.  What else
you are-up to now?  We shall find out in due course!

Adolfo Olaechea

PS:  Was Hugh Rodwell also your lawyer on that occassion?  You could always
blame him, then with his record of defending George Orwell, that would most
likely condemn you even more!

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