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>Adolfo wrote :
>>Plant:  With counter-revolutionaries the weapon of criticism must give way to
>criticism by the weapon.  Name time and place and I'll respond to your
>"criticism" in person and we'll see who is the coward!.
>If the above is an invitation to organise a public debate about the Peruvian
>revolution, I should be happy to organise that. Please confirm if that is the
>substance of your proposal. I would suggest Conway Hall, in Central London.
>of the smaller meeting rooms accommodates some 60 - 70 people. Its quite cheap
>and can usually be financed by taking a collection at the meeting, but if you
>seriously want a public debate I will underwrite the cost. We need about a
>month's advance booking so we can mail out to the supporters of each side. I
>suggest either 1 or 2 leading speakers on each side, whichever suits your
>preference, speaking for up to 20 minutes, (or 10 - 15 each if 2 speakers on
>each side) followed by say 60 minutes for public contributions and then 10
>minutes for each side to reply. The topic of the meeting could be something
>like 'Maoism or Trotskyism. Which road to Peruvian revolution ?' or anything
>similar that you would find agreeable. It would be preferable in my view if we
>agreed to tape the debate so it can be forwarded to subscribers in other parts
>of the world, but if you find this objectionable then it is not essential.
>If, on the other hand, you are seeking to experience physical chastisement at
>my hands, then get your pinafore nicely ironed and I'll see you outside the
>'Torture Garden'. Bring your shoe-shine kit, I'll bring my DMs.
>jplant at

I' ll take anyone of the options you prefer.

Take your pick.  Both ways you lose and the masses win!

Adolfo Olaechea

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