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dear friends,

Rolf  M. alibais for Chinas foreign policy  under Mao and co.  are puerile,
idealistic  and unsceintific.
The foreign policy of any political state is a refelction of its social economic
base. China from the get-go
under Mao  solidified a state capitalist regime with a ruling class  from the
party bureacracy,
and   sometimes its  rival part from the managerial and technical
Chinas 1954 CCP party congress was  less dishonest than some Maoists here  in
the west when it admitted then had set up a state capitalist  regime (though
they claimed falsely this was only a "stage" to advancing to socialism)

It is these forces that came to blows mainly at first  during the the so-called
cultural revolution in the late 60s.
When the workers later  tried to use the opportunity of this civil strife to
push their own class demands BOTH parts of the CCP state cap ruling class came
down on them like a ton of bricks and disappeared thousands
and smashed up the REAL opposition of the state cap regime. See The  Cultural
Revolution by Caho Brendel
by Solidarity/UK 1974 for abundant evidence of the REAL class struggle of
workers that was taking place--in China and worldwide at the time.

In the aftermath of the cultural revolution the Chinese state cap economy
(never any great shakes-even before was devastated  by 1969) was headed for real
crisis . This is a big part of the material baisis of the chinese CCP state cap
turning to the west for technology, trade, capital developement and accumulation
acceleration to stave off an even bigger crisis. In addition China was seeing
its own regoinal ambitions for the ruling class could not be achieved by taking
on BOTH Russian and US imperialist blocs and in the world of wage labor skinners
China  needed more markets and trade and capital import as well as export to
really build up a modern Chinese capital that could enter the imperialist ball
park  with at least a fighting chance in the vicious world of labor skinning and
capital accumulating...

At this point in the early 70s Maoism  did not only make an alliance with US
imperialism against its major opponent Russian imperialism , it began to
ingratiate and integreate ITSELF into that world system formally.
This is why is had no problems supporting the Pinochet regime in Chile
politically and economically.
This is why it embraced the Shah of Iran . This is why it backed the bloody
Pakistani Regime  , the Bandaranaike regime in Sri Lanka whe even when it mowed
down its maoist insurgents etc et. al.. This is why
made its peace with butchers of capitalism on 3 continents .
It even stabbed its allies in Oman /Muscat and had its  military advisers take a
train of limousines and switch sides in the Sultanic Omani war for oil.
Of course in Angola it sided with the western imperialist  backed (bought) UNITA
nationalist   outfit against the
Russian dominated MPLA nationalists. And there is much more of this  that i can
get get into later..

Needless to say if you see where China was then and where it has gne and you
take a marxist class
line stand you can see the Chinese foreign policy , like all other exploiter/
capitalist states, is driven
by the dominat social  and class realtions firstly  in China itself and these
are certainly capitalist.

Those who try to put up some doltish left sounding sign-boards "like
"degenerated workers state'
or "market socialism" and "mixed economy' to describe China or worse, use
bourgeois grammar school great "men' (sic) theories (Mao out--Dung in, etc.) of
history to explain events are certainly outside the pale of marxism and have
learned nothing from the collapse of the "Old  "communist" movement.
Hence they have next to no chance of playing any positive role in the class and
social struggles of today
or tomorrow ..


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