Jonathan makes a sweeping and premature statement

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On Thu, 10 Oct 1996 00:16:08 +0100 (BST) hariette at (hariette
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>Jon F says:
>>   I completely agree that labeling anyone that disagrees with you as
>>counter-revolutionary is wrong. This is the heart of the problem of
>the method
>>that Adolpho uses. It leads him to the extremes that we have
>witnessed in the
>>last few days. While I agree with Gary about the poisonous turn of
>the last
>>period of debate, I think it would of been fairer of him to
>acknoweldge that
>>more than Hugh and co. have been culpable.
>I disagree with you, and I have not said that you are a
>counter-revolutionary.  I disagree with Gary in many things, and with
>Proyect in much more, I disagree with Neil, and disagree with Godena
>specific points - the question of Afganistan, for example and the same
>Richard Boss, i have no sympathy for Carrol, and for quite a few
>others, I
>despise Hans Egbar, and I have the most jaundiced view and suspicions
>of the
>activities of Burford.  So your statement is false and you should
>for making such a sweeping statement.  It is not true that I label
>who disagrees with me as a counter-revolutionary, only those who set
>nose against the revolution and regurgitate imperialist propaganda.
>As to police agents and agent provocateurs, I have proven my
>assertions to
>my own satisfaction and my judgement will be vindicated in the end.
>In the case of malecki, by his own admission of having been a
>with the FBI, it already has.  Next is the turn of Poder Obrero and
>Not bad for a few days work!
the sheer arrogance.Such self righteous pontificating.
 How is it that you have all the answers?

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