More slanders and misinformation of the Peruvian reality

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Wed Oct 9 23:14:44 MDT 1996

>I've been asked to forward this to the list.
>Olaechea completely ignores the reality of Peru and he is capable of making
>the worst slanders.
>He attacked around ten person in the marxist list as "agents". Next he
>attacked the prestigious journal Revolutionary History because he was
>incapable of writing any article proving his lies. Next he attacked a
>Peruvian academic.
>Now he is attacking more than 90% of the Peruvians which
>are in the Internet. Lets see:
>"Moreover, the defence by these "harmless lurkers" of the RCP as independent
>of the Fujimori regime by speaking of its status as a non-public-non-state
>organisation (NGO) is rather disingenous.
>That defence is also a good indication that these fellows may not be telling
>the truth about the real reason for their lurking in this list.  The RCP is
>subjected to SIN (National Intelligence Service) Control and supervision.
>Both the SIN and the Army Intelligence have listening posts in the offices
>of RCP, and that is well known among Peruvian subscribers."
>The RCP is the Red Cientifica Peruana (Peruvian Scientific Network). It was
>the first internet company in Peru and is the cheapest one because it is
>non-profitable. The RCP have its own discussions list in Spanish. The Spanish
>multi-national Telefonica is trying to destroy this Peruvian non-profitable
>company with the aim to commercialise the internet system.
>It is very probable that the Peruvian SIN could spy many of the e-mails. If
>they want to enter in the marxist lists they could enter through other
>internet companies. In fact, Olaechea accused people in Sweden, Britain,
>USA, etc. which are on the list to be AGENTS of the SIN and the CIA.
>In relation to Hugh, Olaechea accused: "Was it accidental that it was
>registered to Fujimori's Ministry of Foreign Relations?  What is the
>interest of these gentlemen here?"
>Which proves he has that Hugh or other people in the list are "registered to
>Fujimori's Ministry of Foreign Relations"?
>To Vlad, Bos and other people that used to have some credibility in Olaechea
>and repeated some of his accusations we demand them to see which kind of
>methods he uses!
>* He never answers any political argument.
>* He distorted completely the reality and invented a complete different
>picture of what is happening in Peru.
>* He could accuse every body and without any kind of proof that he or she
>are spies, agents, fascists, etc.
>* He justified the MURDER of members of all the important left forces in
>Peru. He accused everybody as CIA-Fujimori puppets and the remedy which he
>suggests all of them should have is to be executed by the Party.
>People from outside Peru. Look the tragedy that we have in our country!
>The PCP-SL could have its own war against the reactionary army but it is also
>in war against the entire left and the entire workers movement.
>The picture that Peru is a semi-feudal society led by a fascist which
>doesn't have unions or workers and which is polarised between the army and
>the PCP-SL guerrilla is ABOLUTELY FALSE. It is the PCP-SL who wants to
>eliminate the workers movement from the political scene. We have to be in
>the middle of the fire of the repression and the provocations and militarist
>stalinist machine of the PCP-SL.
>Peru is a semi-colonial capitalist society ruled by a multi-party
>restricted and militarised bourgeois democracy. The workers movement exists
>and fights. Our strategy is to transform the workers movement into the vanguard
>of the people and to create workers power. Ther PCP-SL strategy is to
>eliminate the workers movement or to transform it in a mere supporter of
>their actions. The PCP-SL want an elitist war vs the army. At the end Gonzalo
>capitulated to Fujimori and tomorrow Feliciano will capitulate to another
>national bourgeoisie.
>J. Ponce

Ponce has Aldolfo's number. I support everything in the above wriiten by Ponce.
Except his idea of " transforming the workers movement into the vanguard of
the people and to create workers power."

I suggest that he change this to read;

"transforming the workers movement into the vanguard of the people and to
create a proletarian dictorship which will lead to workers power."

Bob Malecki

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