Gary' M's depression is more politicial than personal

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Thu Oct 10 00:39:13 MDT 1996

dear friends,

Gary M. is at it again. When marxists start to nail his pet-social democratic
politics or (or even debate sharply)
vexed questions of the workers  and socialist movements / groupings on this list
, Gary get  "depressed".
Gary. Hint. If one cannot take the static and low blows here along with  the
positive  sharp, serious , and heated discussions and polemics on this list ,
you should cease your political career and retire from this list.
The actual world of the regular work in the class and in struggle aginst the
bourgeois and their state
is much  more taxing . If Gary is depressed now , it should be the setbacks for
the workers movement
and the victories/attacks  of capital and its agents that really do it, not any
marxism e-mail list.

But Gary can alaibai for Proyect's old failed rancid Castroist / PB nationalist
baggage as a profession on this list and the rest of us should see  this as the
acme of marxism?!! It this not the same Gary  M,.unofficial lance bearer for
Proyect who tries weekly to issue pronuncimientos for  e-mail Torquemada-ing of
all the other open  left political trends that he disagrres with on this list?

Gary  wants to lump 4 or 5 individuals from at least three differing and
opposing left  political trends together
and condemn them all to his own  list destruction hell.
This method  is not honest. I have firm and in some cases outright class line
disagreement with others here.but i havnever called for any cyberspace Nights of
the Long Knives, Special Detention  Camps, or  Yezhovschina's against any of  my
I would rather let the debate/polemics  continue, but maybe on a  more organized
format  politically, let the
chips fall where they may. If I get knocked to the  polemical canvas ,  I just
hope i will get up by the 10-count .
I am a left-communist , but i am not dogmatic and try to aviod talmudism as
methodology, I am FOR the mass movements of workers struggle , day to day and
If i say I support the tradition of  (Marx/Engels & Lenin of course) but also
Luxembourg, , Pannokoek, Gorter, , Bordiga, etc. and their  views it is not to
be taken as religionism , saviorism, guruism. All made serious  mistakes too.
These are just part of the greats of the left -communist trend whos
concepts/tactics of struggle  got cheated historically by left and right  and
deserve better treatment  today.

Sure the M1 list has  problems and shortcomings too , all marx political lists
now would , given underlying movement conditions, but it does not deserve the
political cheap shots and character assasination from the likes of Gary M.
If he cannot help us, then do not hinder us,  he should use  his social
democratic  Proyect -list instead.


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