FBI collaborator Robert A. Malecki reveals part of his role!

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Oct 9 23:14:57 MDT 1996

Aldolfo changes his tune?
>I am flabbergasted that someone could be so up-front with evidence of his
>real role and no-one pays any attention to his confession:
>Is publishing this below not tantamount to a self-indictment on the part of
>the self-confessed one time FBI collaborator Robert A. Malecki?

Interesting that what is found in a bougeois newspaper witten by a bougeois
journalist is Malecki's *own* confession!
>>  Testimony indicated Malecki knew of dynamite hidden in a Cleveland park
>>and had drawn maps for Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, but they were
>>unable to find it.
>That they were unable to find it, only shows that malecki's brain was
>already totally fried and no one could be surprised if his maps were of no
>use, just as everything he does or says today is equally useless.  However,
>once a plod, always a plod!
>MOREOVER: That Robert A. Malecki told the court in HIS TESTIMONY (the stool
>pigeon that sang) that he "knew of Dynamite hidden" and had "drawn maps for
>the FBI to find it", is that something any revolutionary would have done in
>order to get a lighter sentence?  Plea bargaining on your knees before the
>reactionary organs of the state power of the bourgeosie!

Did Malecki confess? No, as Aldolfo continues it is -----
>As the Plain Dealer says:
>>  Judge Harvey said he was interested in the possibility the sentence could
>>be modified if Malecki helped find the explosives.

"Judge Harvy said" Now that does not sound like Malecki. However as i said i
will not comment on the articles as i am still under indictment and in exile
and could get a long prison term if i return to the states.
>This is clearly the type of dishonourable conduct proper of anarchists
>playing at revolution.  This is precisely how many "activists" end up
>establishing a long term relationship with the "forces of order" and acting
>for many years as agent provocateurs within organisations which - due to
>their liberalism and opportunism - would allow any Tom, Dick and Harry to
>join their ranks.  That is exactly how liberarism and opportunism, in
>Lenin's words, "facilitates the tasks of the Zubatovs".

Now Aldolfo critises Malecki for his activities during the anti-war
movement. Recently the accusations were that Malecki was lying about having
any anti-war activities at all! As far as my activities are concerned i have
already said that they were extremely adventurist in trying to take on
imperialism with these kind of actions. But that is another question. And
certainly not the positions that i have today.
>I would be tempted to investigate seriously what happened to malecki's other
>co-accussed.  Who was sold down the river by whom?  What deal was struck by
>malecki with the FBI and, more importantly in view of his comings and goings
>in this list, is that deal still in force?

Yes! A new Project for Aldolfo and Proyect! Why don't you go interview Phil
Berrigan about it? Or even better interview Judge Harvey whom i have never
seen or met in my life. Especially when the articles were written, because i
was in a Federal Prison in Lewisburg.

>One of the reports says that the Dynamite was eventually found by the FBI,
>and the other that the sentencing "could be modified" IF MALECKI HELPED
>FOUND THE EXPLOSIVES.  Any more could be independently obtained to show if
>that "deal" went through?  What was the final sentence and the time actually
>served for that incident?  There may be juicy details right there!

Really! Now here is some really vital information! I was sentenced to four
three year sentences on four counts to be run consecutively. I served 27
months and some days. Thus a little shorter time then the three years. This
is based on a system that a certain amount of days are drawn from the
sentence each month. A system for all people in Federal prisons.

>Now, now, now, malecki: Cutting deals with the FBI, heh?! I didn't know
>that! And these blokes are not even the national bourgeosie of an oppressed
>country, but only the myrmidons of US imperialist capital!  How do you
>account for that?

Notice that a statement made by a judge according to a bougeois journalist
now is the absolute truth for Aldolfo. Not the fact that Malecki served his
full sentence was indicted on over 10 new charges forced into underground
and exile.

>Really, have you no shame? Why don't you go jump into the nearest Swedish
>river - I see - ecologist minded people may protest that way out for you.
>Is that why you "died" and became a "Lumpen-Trotskyst"?   Was that part of
>the deal with the FBI?

Again I made a deal! Thus obviously my plane ticket and 25 years in exile
was paid by the government. Naturally the fact that indictments all around
the country and especially against many people in Lewisburg including Phil
Berrigan were coming down at tyhe same time! Not that the government had
shipped in spies and real "agent" provacateurs to get the goods on people.
Not that the indictments against me were in fact related to the indictments
against others like Phil Berrrigan and the nuns. In fact neither Proyect or
Aldolfo give a shit about any of this. They are only interested in
continuing the big lie and slanders of the past.
>Your own "vindication" raises very serious implications and shows that those
>accussing you on the general grounds of your behaviour of being a snitch,
>are being provided with the necessary proof thanks SPECIALLY to your own big

The articles Malecki *himself* openly sent to this list raises serious
questions about your sanity Aldolfo!  The "snitchs" in this story are fairly
well documented! In fact at the trial of Berrigan and the nuns the name of
one of the *real* snitches did come out. His name was Boyd Douglas, a paid
informant of the FBI who was sent in to Lewisburg to get the goods on
people! I think that you and Proyect would have realized by now thaty you
are in deep shit without a paddle. But in fact you continue along the same
lines and it is leading directly towards dragging other well known anti-war
activists like Phil Berrigan and Liz McCallister right into the middle of it.
I warn you back off because you are treading on extremely dangerous
territory now!
>Sorry fellow, but my charges against you stand NOW fair and square MORE THAN
>EVER.  Now I can say that you have proven yourself to have once been Robert
>A. Malecki the irresponsible anarchist-terrorist and FBI collaborator as
>described in the Plain Dealer!  That is enough for the moment.  What else
>you are-up to now?  We shall find out in due course!

No actually NOW you have proven that articles written by bougeois journalist
and sent to the list by Malecki quite freely are being turned into a new
program of slander and lies by both you and Proyect. But unfortunately by
doing this you two are dragging not just Malecki but a whole lot of other
people into this. In fact to continue along this course is in fact doing the
work of the FBI who would just love to know what was really going on. You
and Proyect have become the best investigators in the service of the FBI..

However I have gone as far as i can go in proving the original slanders and
lies brought by Proyect. I have published letters from Phil Berrigan. I have
published articles from the newspapers and written my views in the best way
i can without involving other people's security and lives. To go futher in
this could endanger other people living underground or in exile, but also
people who were very active in the anti-war movement living in the United
States today.

Both Aldolfo and Proyect contnue the lies and slanders based on information
provided from personal letters from Phil Berrigan and articles in the
bougeois newspapers. Their goal is to drag Malecki and others into the
dragnet of the FBI who would just love to know what was going on! They now
even go so far that they will get others like Phil Berrigan indicted with
their investigations into Malecki's activities.

The logic of their campaign of hate for Malecki and his politics is now
taking and even far more dangerous turn then yellow journalism and slander.
They are openly demanding information or investigation of Malecki in support
of the FBI, the courts and the government. Not only against Malecki but a
whole lot of other people that were involved.

And the people at m1 let this continue and escalate! For them it is a big
fucking joke. But for us their are a lot of very honest and dedicated
people's lives at stake here. So now they are trying to endanger these
peoples lives by getting "Proof" on Malecki.

I shall not get involved in this kind of witchhunting which endangers people
living in exile or underground today. Nor will i let them draw in prominent
anti-war activists into the circle of slander and provacation endangering
their lives.

Once again i appeal to all the people on M1. Stop Proyect and Aldolfo. These
two with their NEW and continued activity are endangering not Malecki (who
lives in exile) but very prominent people like Phil Berrigan and Liz
McCallister among others. But also people living underground and in exile.
Their fake expose of Malecki is in fact a campaign which helps the FBI and
government and no one else.

Bob Malecki

>Adolfo Olaechea
>PS:  Was Hugh Rodwell also your lawyer on that occassion?  You could always
>blame him, then with his record of defending George Orwell, that would most
>likely condemn you even more!
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