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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Wed Oct 9 23:14:41 MDT 1996

>: From: Bill <William_Gilders at brown.edu>
>: To: left-unity at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
>: Subject: Re: The Sickness at the Heart of Marxism-Leninism
>: Date: 09 October 1996 15:38
>: >On Wed, 9 Oct 1996 DavidMcR at aol.com wrote:
>: >
>: >> Let me try, in a loose way, to pick up part of what Comrade Proyet
>: >> (Without in any way committing him to any agreement with any part of
>: >> following!!)
>: >>
>: >
>: >Louis: I was reprimanded by Per Mathisen for posting my article to the
>: >list without permission. He demanded that I apologize. I told him
>: >doing.
>: Oh God!  Here we go again!  Could we have some clarification of how side
>: topics get dealt with, and what status a little note like mine has.  I
>: no point in demanding apologies from people who violate rules which are
>: still somewhat confusing and fluid.
>: Personally, I am about at the end of my patience with this list.  Left
>: unity, if it is going to be achieved, will come about out in the real
>: world, and will be the effect of pressure from below as workers rise in
>: miltancy.  I think I;m wasting my time here.
>: Bill Gilders

Yes, I understand that Bill is getting pissed off. Once you start down a
road of policing the political discussion with threats,exclusions,expulsions
and bans you just don't know where the rib will be set by the present rulers

Bob Malecki

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