Statement to Tony Blair

Adam Rose adam at
Thu Oct 10 03:41:38 MDT 1996

Russell Pearson writes:
> Now I know that you find Gramsci a tad difficult, but I think you should
> stay away from some of the more trickier postmodern theory for a while.
> Take a rest old boy, it'll do you good.

Quite why he identifies Gramsci with "postmodern theory" I don't know.
But Stalinists reject the revolutionary tradition, so I suppose I
shouldn't be suprised.

Then later he asks :
> I ask you a simple question:
> Do you oppose Labour?

The Labour Party is ( still ) a capitalist workers party.
When the electoral choice is between a completely capitalist party
such as the Tory party and the Labour Party, I support the Labour

When the choice is between the working class or any section of the
working class and the Labour party, I side with the working class
against the Labour Party.

I want to smash the Labour Party.
But I want to smash it from the  left, not the right.

In Lenin's words : "we support the Labour Party like a rope supports
a hanged man". This is from "Left wing Communism, An Infantile Disorder",
which apparently Russell has not yet read. But then Stalinists don't
normally read Lenin, so again I am not suprised.

Russell and others like him do not oppose the Labour Party - they
merely look the other way. We meanwhile are building a real, living,
socialist opposition to Blair.


Adam Rose


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