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You wrote, on 09.10, i.a.:

>At 6:48 PM 10/9/96, Rolf Martens wrote:
>I used to think Sweden seemed like a pretty nice place. Now it's the home
>of the most toxic posters to this list - this cretin, Rolf, as well as the
>other cretin Malecki, and of course the ineffable Rodwell. Is this
>coincidence, or does it have something to do with the collapse of social

Well, let's have a competition on "toxic" writings.
So far, I think you "out-tox" me completely, with that
quote you brought with approval on "Afghanistan being
a qountry, if any, which deserved being raped". True,
it seems there was a partial retraction of this approval
on your part, but in the main, it still stands, doesn't it?

What do you think perople in general thnink of that?

You're in fact not only a supporter of Najibullshit
"Marxism" but also of that variety which you yourself
coined that IMO quite good designation for: *cow fart*
"Marxism", in regard to modern technology.

I think that the battle song I forwarded to this list
>from an anonymous source applies rather well to you.

On one point, even we two seem to have similar standpoints,
I'm "sorry" to say (no, I'm not really): We both - in each
case critically, and I'd like to point out, with completely
diferent criticisms too - support Adolfo, as a genuine
"ambassador" of the PCP in Peru and thus as standing for
something which is now subject to a very nasty and unjust
campaign by Hugh Rodwell and some other people - Bob Malecki
taking part in it too. I'm absolutely against that campaign.

Your *particular* dislike for me I do take as something
of an honour, when all is said and done. The same thing
applies to the same dislike on the part of some other
people writing to this list.

Rolf M.

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