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Thu Oct 10 00:18:50 MDT 1996

hariette spierings wrote:
> >The following is forwarded from Poder Obrero :
> >When Gonzalo was arrested "Granma" reprinted the Fujimori news without any
> >criticisms and even showing its support to the Fujimori "democratic" regime.
> >The PCPSL doesn't defend Cuba and attacked the Cuban and former USSR embassy.
> >The PCPSL killed Huolca and other leaders of the pro-Cuba and pro-USSR
> >Communist Party.
> >
> >In London the Stalinists don't want to remember that they are on opposite
> >sides of the barricades in Lima and they decided to unite against the
> >trotskyists!
> >
> >_________________________________
> >jplant at cix.compulink.co.uk
> >
> Shame then on the Castro regime. However, the Peruvian communists stand
> shoulder to shoulder with the Cuban people against US imperialism, and will
> never countenance a US imperialist invasion of Cuba, on the contrary, in
> those circunstances, our two peoples will be fighting shoulder to shoulder.
> Communists in Britain know this position of ours perfectly well, and our
> record in the movement too for many years - and find it perfectly reasonable
> and honourable.  Here we know both our differences and our coincidences too,
> but above all things, we are united by a class position and a revolutionary
> anti-imperialist spirit - therefore, you are barking up the wrong tree if
> you think anyone here is going to listen to your counter-revolutionary tune,
> flea!
> There is no longer Pro-Moscow, Pro-Peking or Pro-Tirana communists, here.
> How could there be? ---- with Yelsin, Teng Xiao-ping and Belisha sitting
> pretty on those capitals and partaking of the imperialist New World Order?
> Today the whole ICM is united for the revolution and for socialism, against
> reactionaries, imperialists, and Fujimori flunkeys!
> Where have you been all these years, Rip Van Winkle?  Do you think anyone
> here will be believe that Del Prado, the chieftain of Peruvian revisionism,
> is pro-Moscow?  Pro-Gorbachev and Pro-Yeltsin yes, pro Moscow, if you mean
> pro socialism, pro Stalin, NO.
> Today the real revolutionaries everywhere stand for the Peruvian revolution
> and recognise the heroic struggle of the PCP and defend the communist honour
> of Chairman Gonzalo.  They can see a counter-revolutionary flunkey a mile
> away, precisely because he will stand against all that!
> Adolfo  Olaechea
> Lamentations:  To the wailing wall!

The atmosphere on this list has been poisonous lately, and I apologise
for making it worse by making accusations. I acted without any authority
>from my party.

I have a great respect for Adolfo personally, and I feel that he has
made good contributions to this list. When he was attacked, I jumped in
to defend him.

I was wrong to accuse John Plant of acting, unknowingly, for the
Fujimori fascists. I confused the intervention of PO with that of
Quispe. I do not know enough about PO to say that. I do disagree with
some of the things they say, especially from Mr Ponce, but that does not
mean that they are all direct agents.

Some people who think that they know it all will see this statement as a
weakness. They would be wrong to do so. I want to really understand the
whole situation before I speak. Others on this list should do the same.


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