More slanders and misinformation of the Peruvian reality

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Thu Oct 10 07:18:51 MDT 1996

Hugh and J. Ponce wrote, on 09.10., i.a.:

>I've been asked to forward this to the list.
>Olaechea completely ignores the reality of Peru and he is capable of making
>the worst slanders.

>It is very probable that the Peruvian SIN could spy many of the e-mails. If
>they want to enter in the marxist lists they could enter through other
>internet companies. In fact, Olaechea accused people in Sweden, Britain,
>USA, etc. which are on the list to be AGENTS of the SIN and the CIA.

I don't know whether you Hugh or you J. Ponce are agents of the
CIA respectively of the SIN or not. But if you're not, you
certainly are providing those agencies with some very cheap
extra held. Concerning Sweden, I happen to know that certain
people must be considered at least to be extremely suspect, and
it was to a certain part on my information (on 02.05.96, in
particular) that comrade Adolfo attacked them as reactionaries and
provocateurs. The same attacks have been made by comrade Luis
Arce Borja in El diario International too, and they are entirely
just - the criticism I now find it necessary to direct against
these and other comrades notwithstanding.

The reactionary elements in question in Sweden have been under fire
>from me here in that same country since the spring of 1994 in
fact - there was eralier the process of getting to know them too -
and while I on my part cannot say for certain that they're all
actually *professional agents* (and I don't think Adolfo or Luis
are sying that either) they certainly are VERY reactionary and
in fact STINK TO HEAVEN. And so do you, more and more, now in
those latest weeks and days, Hugh R. And J. Ponce - could he be
an in part ignorant pawn? Perhaps not impossible. Then at least he's
a quite nasty TOOL of reaction anyway.


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