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Thu Oct 10 16:22:14 MDT 1996

Dear comrades:

Revolutionary History is a united front journal.
We published our last journal (number 22, Volume 6, no 2/3) on the history
of the revolutionary marxist movement in Britain and Ireland from the 1930s
to the 1960s.
We are preparing a next issue on Sri Lanka and later on Cuba & Latin America
and on Russia.
We need volunteers to help us in the translation of documents from
Spanish and Russian into English.
We are also planning to create a Web Page and to produce a discussion list
in the internet which will deal with the history of the workers and
revolutionary movement.
Another idea that we have is to print a regular bulletin with the best
discussions inside the left lists concerning questions of the history of
the workers and revolutionary movement.
If some comrades or groups want to contribute to those tasks with some
ideas or material help she/he is more than welcome.
We are also asking the different papers, journals and groups which published
some researches about our last issues to send these articles to our e-mail


J. Villa
Reviews editor

J. Plant
Member of the editorial board


Revolutionary History

The latest issue of Revolutionary History (Volume 6, no 2/3, 320 pages)
presents a wide range of material on revolutionary Marxism in Britain,
Ireland and Russia that has not been published before.
* The origins of the Trotskyist movement in Ireland.
* CLR James and the Trotskyist movement in Britain.
* Trotskyism and Stalinism in Britain during the time of the
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.
* The Stalinists and Trotskyists during the national docks strike of 1945.
* The Revolutionary Communist Party and the shop stewards movement.
* The demise of the Revolutionary Communist Party in 1949.
* The development of Gerry Healy's Club and the Socialist Labour League up
until the mid-1960s.
* Previously unpublished letters by Rosa Luxemburg on Bolshevism and the
Russian Revolution.
Price (including postage): UK £6.75, Europe £7.25, elsewhere £8.25.

Editor: Al Richardson
Deputy editors: David Bruce & Ted Crawford
Reviews editor: Jose Villa
Business Manager: Barry Buitekant
Production & Design Manager: Paul Flewers

Published by Socialist Platform Ltd, BCM 7646, London WC1N 3XX, United
E Mail address: revhist at

Back issues available
Volume 1
All sold out
Volume 2
No 1: Revolutionaries and major class struggles, £3.00
No 2: Trotskyism in Argentina and Scandinavia; glasnost and Trotsky, £3.00
Nos 3 and 4: Sold out
Volume 3
No 1: Stalinism and Communism in Eastern Europe, £3.00
No 2: Trotskyism in Vietnam, £3.00
No 3: Trotskyism in Greece, £3.45
No 4: Trotskyism and the Second World War, £3.45
Volume 4
Nos 1/2: Special double issue on the Spanish Civil War, 400 pages, £10.95
No 3: The Bolivian Revolution of 1952 and the Trotskyist movement, £3.45
No 4: South African Trotskyism, £4.00
Volume 5
No 1: The German labour movement and the rise of Hitler, 1929-33, £3.45
No 2: Germany 1918-23: From the November Revolution to the failed October,
No 3: Victor Serge special, £6.95
No 4: Left Communism and Trotskyism in Italy, £4.75
Volume 6
No 1: Trotskyism in Poland, repression of the left in 'People's Poland',
Solidarnosc, the church and the state, £4.75
Prices shown for UK, including postage. Europe: add 50p, elsewhere add

Special Offer!
All available back issues, plus subscription to Volume 6. UK: £65, Europe:
£70, elsewhere £80.
Non-UK orders in Pounds Sterling by International Money Order. Cheques or
IMOs payable to Socialist Platform Ltd. Send orders to: Socialist Platform
Ltd, BCM 7646, London WC1N 3XX, United Kingdom.

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Date: 10/10/96
Time: 14:18:58


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