Third National Congress of the Italian PRC (0/4)

Luciano Dondero DOND001 at
Thu Oct 10 11:52:40 MDT 1996

Third National Congress of the Italian PRC=20
(December 1996)

The following materials will be posted to various Internet locations:

Introductory note (this one) --  0/4
Summary of motions (in three parts: resp., majority and minority motions,
and special Congress regulations) --  1/4, 2/4, 3/4
My own comments on these texts =96 4/4

A necessary disclaimer:
I am not, I never was and probably never will be an official or officious
representative of the PRC.=20

The materials that I am posting are my own summary of the two documents to
be discussed and voted on during the Congress. I understand that there
should be comprehensive translations of the entire texts available for the
foreign delegations that will attend the Congress. Any information I will
gather about them will be forwarded.

Obviously the summary and the choice of selected quotes does reflect my
standpoint. And a cursory reading of my own views and comments on these
documents (posted separately) will make it very clear where I stand on the
particular issues.

I hope that these documents will make it possible for more people to follow
the debates that hopefully will take place in the =91Net, as well as the PRC
Congress discussion itself.


Dear comrades and friends,

I am posting the documents on the upcoming PRC Congress to these mailing
lists as a service to the people who subscribe to them.=20

However, at present I am not myself a subscriber of either one. If people
want to raise particular points with me, please note that I won=92t be able=
see anything you post to the list. I would like you to send them to my email
((  Luciano Dondero <DOND001 at PN.ITNET.IT>  )).

Also, if you send an interesting contribution to either list and feel that I
should know what you wrote, could you please send me a copy by email?

--Luciano Dondero--

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