Same old sterile discussion

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Thu Oct 10 16:05:00 MDT 1996

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Louis P wrote :

>I want to speak in favor of avoiding the
temptation to turn Internet mailing lists into tribunals. Part of the
problem is that nothing can be proved. All you have is allegation after
allegation that clogs band-width without shedding light on the matter.

Surely, Louis, it is possible to present evidence, in the form of statements by
people well-informed on particular topics. A problem arises when 2 (or more)
such people present different, conflicting views - as in the polemic between PO
and Adolfo. I am sure that the list has by now read enough of this material,
and there is not much new that can be said. Where 2 conflicting views are
presented however, it is open to other list subscribers to ask questions, to
clarify and to challenge. For example, if there is a dispute about the level of
support for a strike, then questions can be raised about what the press and the
media said at the time. I think that a high level of discipline and moderation
would be needed to make such a discussion work, but I don't accept that it is
impossible per se.

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