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The following if forwarded from Poder Obrero :

Richard Bos said:

"The atmosphere on this list has been poisonous lately, and I apologise
for making it worse by making accusations. I acted without any authority
>from my party.

I have a great respect for Adolfo personally, and I feel that he has
made good contributions to this list. When he was attacked, I jumped in
to defend him.

*I was wrong to accuse John Plant of acting, unknowingly, for the
Fujimori fascists.* I confused the intervention of PO with that of
Quispe. I do not know enough about PO to say that. I do disagree with
some of the things they say, especially from Mr Ponce, but that does not
mean that they are all direct agents.

Some people who think that they know it all will see this statement as a
weakness. They would be wrong to do so. I want to really understand the
whole situation before I speak. Others on this list should do the same.


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We accept the apologies of Richard and we are waiting for the apologies of
another person who we consider he was misled.

Richard Bos' change of mind is something POSITIVE.

Oleachea also changed his mind but not in a healthy way. He doesn't want to
recognise his mistakes and that he changed his positions.

Yesterday Olaechea said:

> There is no longer Pro-Moscow, Pro-Peking or Pro-Tirana communists, here. How
could there be? ---- with Yeltsin, Teng Xiao-ping and Belisha sitting pretty on
those capitals and partaking of the imperialist New World Order?
> Today the whole ICM [International Communist Movement] is united for the
revolution and for socialism, against reactionaries, imperialists, and Fujimori

Olaechea changed his mind completely. 24 hours before he was telling us that
all the pro-Moscow, pro-Beijing and pro-Albania were traitors who deserve to be
executed by the PCPSL. This is what he wrote:

"the counter-revolutionary cretins and swindlers dressed up as "pro-Moscow",
"pro-Peking" - "pro-Albania" in Peru and seen them for what they are;  PRO US

Olaechea couldn't deny that the PCPSL characterised the former USSR, Cuba,
China, North Korea, Vietnam and all "socialist" eastern Europe as "fascist"
states which should not be defeated in any single confrontation with
imperialism. For the Maoist in Peru so call "social-imperialism" was as
dangerous as US imperialism.

In Peru the PCPSL *put bombs* in all the "socialist" embassies and killed
members of all the parties which supported that states.

Now, Olaechea changed his mind and decided to say:

"Today the whole ICM [International Communist Movement] is united"

What is "the whole ICM [International Communist Movement]" who "is united"? The
PCPSL condemned, attacked and murdered members of all the non-Gonzalo
"communist" forces. For the PCPSL the only "International communist movement"
are the Maoists who support Gonzalo.

What is "the whole ICM [International Communist Movement]" who "is united"?
Olaechea said that everybody are "fascists", "CIA agents", etc. He put that
label on ALL the Peruvian unions and the left (including groups that are in
armed struggle like the MRTA, groups that always were in class opposition to
the state, like the Trotskyists, etc.) and also on other PCPSL supporters (like
the RIM [PCPSL's funny international] and "The Red Flag" which is in charge of
the PCPSL Web Page)

Olaechea is a charlatan:
- He can *not* answer political arguments.
[He was defeated in ALL the political questions and he couldn't reply to any
one of our positions. When he couldn't answer he just ignored or slandered]

- He falsifies the history.

- He only accuses every body else as police agents.

- He threatens with physical violence all his opponents.
[He asked John Plant to make an appointment with the aim to physically
confront him. He is suggesting to the PCPSL militants to punish or execute the
Poder Obrero comrades for being "CIA-Fujimori agents" and "more right wing than
the fascist generals".]

- He presents himself as a leader of a soviet in Lima 1963 which NEVER

- He is a demagogue that change his position when he wants.

He is not a good political adversary and it is not possible to establish any
serious debate with him.

We are not interesting in having a political debate with a person like him.

Our next contributions to the marxist list will ignore him.

Poder Obrero

The following are two parts from some messages which were sent to the list some
days before. After them Olaechea wrote more than 20 messages in which he
doesn't answer AT ALL any of the following points:

"In all the messages which Adolfo sent he didn't want to answer:

* Why did he lie on the question of a soviet in Lima 1963 which didn't exist at
all and of which he claimed to be the leader?

* Why he lied when he wrote that the working class is nearly non-existent in
Peru because nearly all Peruvians (90%) are unemployed and that  unions don't
exist ?

* Why he openly wants to boycott and smash all the unions and the general
strikes (a counter-revolutionary policy)? Only the mass actions and strikes
could defeat Fujimori and not isolated elitist militarist actions against the
will of the masses.

* Why he said that Chiara was an agent who deserve to be killed? why is it
correct to support the sectarian killings of members of all left parties in

* Why the PCP-SL is against workers councils and militias and against a
workers revolution, and why it is in favour of a government with the
national bourgeoisie?

* What proof does he have that Gonzalo is ten meters under the ground and is
not actively supporting a "peace" capitulation to the regime (something that
every peruvian with some knowledge of the political situation knows very well
is truth)?

* etc., etc. "

He only replied with this unproved and criminal accusations which are
threatening our life:

- "Fujimori mouthpiece"
- "stinking corpses,... who had allied themselves to the rich and the
powerful to fight to preserve a reactionary and pro Us imperialist state."
- "Poder Obrero... (and) people like Rodwell and malecki, are nothing but
counter-revolutionary saboteurs and windbags!
- "the counter-revolutionary bourgeois pacifism of the *Fujimori/CIA
"Trotskysts" of Poder Obrero"*
- " That is the character of *New Fascism*!.
- "The Poder Obrero - like Plant - are *not "leftists" of any recognisable
sort*.They are counter-revolutionaries who *stand to the right even of the
Peruvian fascist generals* who at least have the honesty of admitting that the
waving of phoney "socialists" shrouds is their own original idea! Plant,
Rodwell, and Poder Obrero are nothing but the *monkeys of these organs
grinders.* *Down with the Orwellian sects working for the imperialist secret

Some comrades in Europe or North America could think that these are the
insults of a person who lost control of himself or is mad. In fact, the
PCPSL are not playing games at all. They KILL every person who they
insulted like that.

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