Toxic posters -- which side are you on?

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at
Thu Oct 10 14:37:37 MDT 1996

What's-his-name dribbles:

>I used to think Sweden seemed like a pretty nice place. Now it's the home
>of the most toxic posters to this list - this cretin, Rolf, as well as the
>other cretin Malecki, and of course the ineffable Rodwell. Is this
>coincidence, or does it have something to do with the collapse of social

Now if *we* are toxic, what words would this scribbler's thesaurus find to
describe his old friends Adolfo and Louis P?

Once again, the political content is overwhelming.

Once again, the superficial impressionism in relation to world reality. How
the hell could any Marxist consider an imperialist country "a pretty nice

Notice the olive-branch first name treatment accorded to the Maoist, with
the surname putdown reserved for the Trots.

Not so much collapse of social-democracy, as collapse of welfare-state
Capitalism in One Country.

Two out of ten.



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