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I've been asked to forward this.




Barkley Rosser:

" I have asked Adolfo some rather pointed questions about the Chiara
business, some of which never got answered and which are being repeated by
others.  In any case, he has temporarily flown the coop."

Adolfo will never answer any important political questions. That's the PCP-SL
method. If you disagree with them or if you are organising the class and are
critical to them you should be:

* slandered as a police CIA-Fujimori agent,

* physically threatened,

* killed!

People from the list, can you realise what is the PCP-SL?

It's not a revolutionary workers party! It's against a workers revolution!

It's like Hamas in Palestine or like the JVP in Sri Lanka - an
anti-imperialist petit bourgeois militarist party which fights against some
aspects of social oppression but they also fight against the working class,
its organisations, its unions, its councils and its self-defence bodies. The
PCP-SL wants a joint government with a section of the national bourgeoisie.
Gonzalo already has his new allie: it's Fujimori! Feliciano has his own
"national bourgeoisie" which is the "national" lumpen-bourgeoisie of the
Huallaga river.

Revolutionaries in Peru should defend unconditionally the anti-imperialist
fighters of the PCPSL and the MRTA against state repression but also they
should defend the workers movement against their authoritarian terror
against the workers organisations.

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