Unsubscribing until moderation

Kevin Cabral kcabral at freenet.columbus.oh.us
Thu Oct 10 13:36:09 MDT 1996

	I'm unsubscribing from Marxism until the new moderated lists
begin. I used to be able to take the volume of the Marxism List back when
I found the discussions interesting, but no longer. I hope the new, volume
moderated, list will be up soon; in the meantime will someone please try
and send me any interesting posts. I'm especially interested in reading
everything from Louis Godena, any economic debates that Doug Henwood might
become involved in, anything interesting from Rakesh, Rahul, and Zeynep,
translated interviews from Adolfo, and maybe even Vladimir's second
dissertation on the Marxism List.

Cols, Oh

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