what is fascism?

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Olaechea doesn't understand at all what is fascism.

For him "the fascist dictatorship alleging that it is not really fascist,
but democratic (albeit with hooded military judges and no right of defence
with your lawyer too being sent down to life imprisonment for daring to
attempt to mount a defence - just a Peruvian peculiarity, according to the
fleas who cavort with the roaches in this list!)"

Yes, in Peru the legal system is terrible. If somebody is accused of
being a pro-terrorist he could be sentenced to be all his life in a small
jail with only one visit a month for 1/2 hour. The trial would be led by
masked "judges" without the media's access.

The PCP-SL also condemn their victims in terrible trials. The PCP-SL come to
a mass assembly or to a village. Next they use their weapons to gather all
the people that they can and later they read a paper in which the
party is accusing some person to be a traitor and after that they will kill
him. The masses can agree or not, they don't care.

Nevertheless, this terrible methods doesn't transform Fujimori or the PCP-SL
into "fascist" movements.

Fascism is a reactionary dictatorship lead by a mass anti-Communist single
party which smash the unions and workers parties/unions.

Fujimori is a typical Latin American bourgeois "democrat" who combines
multi-party parliament with militarisation.

The PCPSL is an anti-imperialist and anti-working class petit bourgeois
militarist Stalinist party.

For the PCP-SL everybody are fascists (including Cuba, former USSR, China,
Vietnam, North Korea, etc.) and we are "to the right of fascism" (what could
be more right wing than fascism?)

The label fascism had been use for all kinds of sectarian and adventurerist
provocations. If a pseudo-democratic bonapartist regime is fascist the
conclusion is that nothing could be worse. The PCP-SL provokes more
repression and would never defend democratic freedoms and human rights. In
fact, the PCP-SL openly condemns the "human rights" because they only defend
"people's rights" which include their right to violate any single human
right in the massacres that they made of hundreds of peasants men, women and

If you are a fascist (a label that they put to us and to all the left) they
can kill you.

We call to all the PCP-SL supporters to change their mind. The enemy is the
bourgeoisie and we need a united front against it.

J. Ponce

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