JJ Plant's naivete

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> Subject:       JJ Plant's naivete
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> Louis: JJ Plant is kidding himself if he thinks that the list is the
> appropriate place for the sort of discussion that he, Ponce, Rodwell
> and Adolfo--and now Quispe--are engaged in. The next thing you know we
> will have Martens and Burford jumping in, and then the Malecki-thing. THIS
[louis you have such a big ego that you cant see that the only
thing that has been destroyed  here is your credibility with anyone with
any rudimentary marxism and working class grasp on reality]

> Please, take this discussion elsewhere. Take it to Hans Egbar's new
> unmoderated list. There will you be able to charge the PCP with
> murder and they will be able to charge you with being agents of Fujimori.
> Not only will you be free to make such charges, you can make as many of
> them a day as you please. 15 posts a day from Martens, Quispe, JJ and the
> Malecki-thing. I can see it now. Marxists across the planet will be
> inquiring how to join such a fabulous discussion.

[of course the life and death struggle of millions of workers and
peasants in Latin America or elswhere is too much for you with your jaded,
cynical, petty bourgeois NY intellectual life-style to contemplate even let alone
speak of action which would at a very MINIMUM mean condemning the
methods of Olaechea and co.   Dav.]>

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