Gerry Adams.

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"Living Marxism" writes:

>As for the speculation that Adams' position is in jeopardy, the more
>pertinent question would be how the man has managed to stay on top for so
>long. There can be few organisations on the face of the earth which would
>continue to support a leader who had presided over the sort of disaster for
>which Adams is responsible. It is worth recalling that Michael Collins,
>currently undergoing beatification in Hollywood and Ireland (fast becoming
>the same place), got 26 of the 32 Counties of Ireland from the British in
>the 1921 Treaty. Six months later he was shot dead for his troubles by the
>IRA. Adams on the other hand, despite the fact that he has got nothing at
>all, has not faced even the mildest of criticism. Two years after the
>ceasefire he has not even got himself into anything resembling negotiations
>despite following a 'peace strategy' which is now nearly 10 years old.

On reading this I thought, "Damn!  That really does about sum it up."

I wonder if the comrades in Britain would be so kind to reflect a bit on
Adam's role in the whole situation over there.  If someone could clarify
what exactly -- or speculatively -- Adam's role is vis-a-vis the armed
wing of the IRA/Sinn Fein, I'd sure appreciate it.

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