The Emptiness at the Heart of Marxism-Leninism Today

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> At 9:37 PM 10/10/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
> >And as the cliche says -- Don't curse the darkness, strike a light!
Henwood wrote:
> Do tell what you & your Moronoite colleagues are doing in the interest of
> light-striking. Aside, that is, from criticizing the impurities of everyone
> else.
I agree Hugh.I have read your stuff. You, Maleki and others demolished these
pretentious petty bourgeois fake marxists long ago. They are in
retreat. Why waste you time leading those who will not see.
 I see that PO has said it will not respond to Olaechea anymore.
Good move. Strike a light! If you are a Morenoite, what has your
tendency got to offer in building a healthy Leninist/Trotskyist

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