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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at columbia.edu
Thu Oct 10 16:33:27 MDT 1996

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 d.bedggood at auckland.ac.nz wrote:

> [of course the life and death struggle of millions of workers and
> peasants in Latin America or elswhere is too much for you with your jaded,
> cynical, petty bourgeois NY intellectual life-style to contemplate even let alone
> speak of action which would at a very MINIMUM mean condemning the
> methods of Olaechea and co.   Dav.]>

Louis: Look, Johnny Be Good, I would love to see some interesting
discussion of the situation in Peru, but all I've seen on this list is
something that looks like this.

Jose Velasco-Gomez, a life-long member of the Trotskyist
Revolutionary Workers League, and mayor of the village of Lago
Negro, was rousted from his bed last April by members of the Shining
Path, taken to the outskirts of town where dynamite sticks were placed
in every orifice of his body and he was blown to kingdom come.
(Apparently, they got the explosives from 2 of Malecki's confederates in
Akron, men who go by the name of "Little Snake" and "Rocky".) We protest
this gangster act and demand that the Shining Path break with the
bourgeoisie and defend the theory of Permanent Revolution.

LIES, IMPERIALIST LIES!!!!!. Velasco-Gomez was an agent of
Fujimori fascism. He was a snitch and was seen in the same
whorehouse that Peruvian Army Colonels frequented. Not only was he
a snitch, he had terrible body odor. The forces of fascism worldwide,
including NACLA, the Nation Magazine, the United Nations,
Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Oxfam, the Freemasons and the
Peruvian section of the Spartacist League, have been proven to be
enemies of the Peruvian revolution. They think they can use this list to
spread their CHARTREUSE VOMIT lies. I curse their eyes and pray that their
great grandchildren suffer from a very painful case of herpes.

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