Plain dealing, plain speaking, and the listfutures

Rosser Jr, John Barkley rosserjb at
Thu Oct 10 16:35:23 MDT 1996

     1)  It's put up or shut up time, Lou.  Either you find
some copies of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that malecki
cited that lack his claimed articles, or I think that you
must admit that at least part of his tale is correct, even
if you disagree with how he claims to have participated in
the antiwar movement (trying to blow up buildings).  You
certainly did find some discrepancies in his tale, but your
broader claim that he is a police agent hired to disrupt
the list (although he does disrupt the list) looks
increasing laughable.
     2)  Well, Bob, you may be doing a bit better here.
But it remains a mystery to me why you have felt the need
to inflict your alleged autobiography on us.  My references
to your self-proclaimed drug use have had nothing to do
with moral judgment.  Heck, it's crack, smack, and speed
that kill, not pot and acid.  But, let's face it, excessive
use of lsd can lead to deluded thinking, paranoia, and
outright brain damage.  Your bragging in this regard has
been reasonable grounds for doubting the crystalline
veracity of your memory, especially when indeed you were
found out in error on some points.  Your JFK assassination
stuff in particular sounds like the result of too much bad
acid.  Did it ever occur to you that that "naval
intelligence" guy might have been falsely bragging?  After
all, that was the era of James Bond when spooks got laid a
     3)  This whole sorry episode reinforces the need to
get rid of this list, not continue an unmoderated one, and
move to a volume moderated list, the sooner the better.
Barkley Rosser

Rosser Jr, John Barkley
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