Trotskyists, the FSLN and the PCP-SL

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Louis P wrote:

" Speaking as somebody who has warm and comradely feelings toward JJ,
Richard and Adolfo alike, I want to speak in favor of avoiding the
temptation to turn Internet mailing lists into tribunals. Part of the
problem is that nothing can be proved. All you have is allegation after
allegation that clogs band-width without shedding light on the matter.

There is absolutely no reason why opponents of the PCP should not put
forward their analysis of how socialism can be won in Peru. When we are
dealing with ideas, we can make progress. We simply don't have the means to
prove or disprove that somebody was "guilty" or not."

We ask the Maoist comrades to change their minds and to listen one of their

Are you prepared for a discussion without threats of violence and

To LP I want to say two things:

1-  In his e-mail he show some sympathies for the FSLN. In Peru the
supporters of the FSLN were the APRA (which was in power in 1985-90), the
United Left, the PUM (New left) and the MRTA guerrilla forces.

In 1986 when the Second International had a congress in Lima the APRA regime
killed around 300 PCP-SL political prisoners. In that congress were all the
Social democrats from all the world and the FSLN. Nevertheless, all of them,
including the FSLN backed Alan Garcia's massacre.

On the other side, the PCP-SL executed members of all the pro-FSLN forces in
Peru. The PCP-SL were particularly nasty with the most radical pro-FSLN
forces like the PUM, UDP and MRTA. Tens of MRTA combatants were attacked by
the PCP-SL. In the past the PCP-SL accused the MRTA of trying to make a front
with the United Left. Today the MRTA is in opposition to Fujimori and they
are accusing Gonzalo and his PCP-SL for his capitulation to the regime.

We DEFENDED the PCP-SL and MRTA against repression but we didn't support
their policies. They tried to by-pass the working class and to suppress or
mutilate its organisations. They wanted a guerrilla warfare from outside the
proletarian class, and we were in favour of the participation inside the
workers and popular movement. They were for a revolution led by a petit
bourgeois army which tried to make alliances with sections of the
capitalists. We are in favour of fighting inside the bureaucratised unions
and popular organisations and for open the doors for big demonstrations,
strikes and the creation of councils (soviets) and militias. We are not in
armed struggle. We are for combining different methods. We are ALSO for
using the elections, the union work and the legality for building a mass
Bolshevik party which have to prepare a Leninist popular insurrection.

The militarist approach of these currents made them like United Left
co-responsible of the failure of the Peruvian workers movement.   The
electoralist Stalinists mutilated the workers energies with their
bureaucratic posts and trying to defend the bourgeois state trough the
bourgeois parliament . The militarist Stalinists mutilated the workers
actions provoking repression and allowing the unions to be controlled by
the bureaucracy. While the United Left said first the popular front and next
the popular war, the Militarist Stalinists said first Popular War and next
Popular Front. The MRTA always try to create popular fronts with sections of
the church, the army, the APRA and the united left. The PCP-SL always tried
to make popular fronts in the regions in which they have forces (like in the
Huallaga river with the lumpen-bourgeoisie) and Gonzalo finished by making
something worst than a popular front with Fujimori.

Louis P.'s comrades in Peru would not be friends of the PCP-SL because
the PCP-SL would not allow them to be. In the Internet it is possible to see
how political forces which are on the opposite sides of the barricades can
unite against the trotskyists.

2-  Louis said:

"Furthermore, we have to be a little bit more critical in the way we think
of violent conflict on the left. While nobody in their right mind would
support the bloody Maoist or Vietnamese repression of Trotskyists, nobody
would use this as a litmus test for defining the revolutionary character
of these currents.

Also, just because a Trotskyist is being repressed, it doesn't mean that
the repression is wrong. For example, the Simone Bolivar brigade was ready
to launch an insurrectionary struggle against the FSLN the very first year
Somoza was overthrown. Was the FSLN wrong to put these adventurers on the
next plane to their country of origin? I don't think so."

For the PCP-SL what Stalin, Mao and Ho did against the left opposition was
not a mistake but something that they are doing every time.

Louis agreed with the Sandinista's repression of the Morenoite-Trotskyists
in Nicaragua. I didn't agree with the policies of Moreno but I uncritically
defend their democratic freedoms. The Sandinista's attacks against them was
one of the first steps towards their policy of rebuilding a capitalist
semi-colonial state and towards giving back the administration to the right.

If Louis is in favour of the repression of the Morenoite-Trotskyist wing of
the Sandinistas, he should be in favour of the FSLN repression of other
Maoist forces which happened at the same time. Louis also have to agree with
the FSLN support of the 1986 massacre against the PCP-SL prisoners and even
more Louis have to support the criminal policy of the pro-Castro and
pro-FSLN forces in the Peruvian left which asking for a more "democratic"
repression against the PCP-SL.

We rejected all the pro-Castro, pro-Moscow and pro-FSLN left forces in Peru
when they try to give advise to the army in how to make repression with
human rights. We are in favour of the unconditional freedom of all
anti-imperialist fighters. The ones who attacked the workers organisations
have to be judged in workers councils tribunals but not by the state.

In the middle of the so-called "popular war" all the Castroite and left
liberals, who are supporting the Maoists in the Internet in a sort of
"rotten block" against trotskyism, are "critically" supporting the state
against the Maoists guerrillas.  The Maoist liberal and Castroite allies in
the Internet are direct targets of the PCP-SL actions in Peru. In Peru they
repress each other but in the cyber-space they make a rotten block against

Are the pro-PCP-SL in favour of the FSLN repression against the left-wingers
which were creating unions against the bourgeois state? Are the pro-FSLN
friends of the PCP-SL in the Internet in favour of the FSLN and Castro
support of the Garcia repression against the PCP-SL prisoners?

3-  It's very good that Louis P. is against this kind of insults and
accusations. I don't know very much about the marxist-list. I am not part of
it but some times I received forwarded articles from it. The only people
that like to make these kind of accusations, apart from arch-Stalinists
like Olaechea, is comrade Louis P. One of the reasons why many people are
not trying to be in the Marxist list is because they have to receive endless
messages with accusations that a trotskyist exile in Sweeden is the worst
person in the planet and also an FBI agent.

Some times very few people in Peru can read some interesting articles from
c. Louis Project. He should concentrate in doing them. If you are against
these methods of insults and provocation which are being mde by your
Maoist friends, please, comrade Louis stop your irrational war against
Malecki and use your brain and hand to write interesting articles which you
are capable of writing.

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