JJ Plant's naivete

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> On Fri, 11 Oct 1996 d.bedggood at auckland.ac.nz wrote:
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> > [of course the life and death struggle of millions of workers and
> > peasants in Latin America or elswhere is too much for you with your jaded,
> > cynical, petty bourgeois NY intellectual life-style to contemplate even let alone
> > speak of action which would at a very MINIMUM mean condemning the
> > methods of Olaechea and co.   Dav.]>
> Louis: Look, Johnny Be Good, I would love to see some interesting
> discussion of the situation in Peru, but all I've seen on this list is
> something that looks like this.
> Anti-PCP:
> ---------
> Jose Velasco-Gomez, a life-long member of the Trotskyist
> Revolutionary Workers League, and mayor of the village of Lago
> Negro, was rousted from his bed last April by members of the Shining
> Path, taken to the outskirts of town where dynamite sticks were placed
> in every orifice of his body and he was blown to kingdom come.
> (Apparently, they got the explosives from 2 of Malecki's confederates in
> Akron, men who go by the name of "Little Snake" and "Rocky".) We protest
> this gangster act and demand that the Shining Path break with the
> bourgeoisie and defend the theory of Permanent Revolution.
> Pro-PCP:
> --------
> LIES, IMPERIALIST LIES!!!!!. Velasco-Gomez was an agent of
> Fujimori fascism. He was a snitch and was seen in the same
> whorehouse that Peruvian Army Colonels frequented. Not only was he
> a snitch, he had terrible body odor. The forces of fascism worldwide,
> including NACLA, the Nation Magazine, the United Nations,
> Amnesty International, the Red Cross, Oxfam, the Freemasons and the
> Peruvian section of the Spartacist League, have been proven to be
> enemies of the Peruvian revolution. They think they can use this list to
> spread their CHARTREUSE VOMIT lies. I curse their eyes and pray that their
> great grandchildren suffer from a very painful case of herpes.
> [this proves my point, you cannot even CONTEMPLATE reality without
distorting it for a laugh. Dav]
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