Toxic posters -- which side are you on?

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Oct 11 00:20:33 MDT 1996

>At 9:37 PM 10/10/96, Hugh Rodwell wrote:
>>What's-his-name dribbles:
>I love you too, Hugh.
>>>I used to think Sweden seemed like a pretty nice place. Now it's the home
>>>of the most toxic posters to this list - this cretin, Rolf, as well as the
>>>other cretin Malecki, and of course the ineffable Rodwell. Is this
>>>coincidence, or does it have something to do with the collapse of social
>>Now if *we* are toxic, what words would this scribbler's thesaurus find to
>>describe his old friends Adolfo and Louis P?
>Thought-provoking is one place to start.
>>Once again, the political content is overwhelming.
>>Once again, the superficial impressionism in relation to world reality. How
>>the hell could any Marxist consider an imperialist country "a pretty nice
>Oh, right. Having produced one of the most egalitarian distributions of
>income in the world, with a poverty rate close to zero, with one of the
>narrowest gaps between male and female incomes ever seen anywhere on earth
>- these are nothing, compared to Sweden's role as an imperialist country.
>Swedish social democracy may not have been socialist utopia, but it was a
>damn sight better than what has prevailed in the U.S. or the UK, not to
>mention Sweden today. It's the inability to make any distinctions of these
>sorts that make you and your kind so politically irrelevant.
>And as a measure of Sweden's political tolerance, it gave asylum to your
>comrade Malecki, the Tim McVeigh of Cleveland, didn't it?

The liberal lapdog echoing the new slanders of the yellow journalist
Proyect. Now Malecki is a militia man and Olaf Palme, who gave me asylum did
it for tolerance and not that he changed sides and started supporting the

Notice that the original slander of Malecki of NEVER being active in the
anti war movement has been replaced with new slanders . These slanders are
very close and in fact to the RIGHT of the United States Government. I doubt
even the FBI would come up with the militia angle as the yellow journalist
Proyect and his liberal parrot do now.

How long will the list accept this kind of *real* and extremely dangerous
activity from Proyect and Doug?

Bob Malecki


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