Gerry Adams and the true revolutionaries who know all the answers

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>"Living Marxism" writes:
>>As for the speculation that Adams' position is in jeopardy, the more
>>pertinent question would be how the man has managed to stay on top for so
>>long. There can be few organisations on the face of the earth which would
>>continue to support a leader who had presided over the sort of disaster for
>>which Adams is responsible. It is worth recalling that Michael Collins,
>>currently undergoing beatification in Hollywood and Ireland (fast becoming
>>the same place), got 26 of the 32 Counties of Ireland from the British in
>>the 1921 Treaty. Six months later he was shot dead for his troubles by the
>>IRA. Adams on the other hand, despite the fact that he has got nothing at
>>all, has not faced even the mildest of criticism. Two years after the
>>ceasefire he has not even got himself into anything resembling negotiations
>>despite following a 'peace strategy' which is now nearly 10 years old.
>On reading this I thought, "Damn!  That really does about sum it up."
>I wonder if the comrades in Britain would be so kind to reflect a bit on
>Adam's role in the whole situation over there.  If someone could clarify
>what exactly -- or speculatively -- Adam's role is vis-a-vis the armed
>wing of the IRA/Sinn Fein, I'd sure appreciate it.
>-- Matt D.

I  understand your interest here, Matt but the piece you responded to was
extremely poor.  It seems to be in that long tradition of left sects where
they have the correct line because they have read so and so and as a
consequence they are able to point out the treachery of the people who are
actually getting shot at.

This kind of criticism usually amounts to the belief that Adams cannot be a
proper revolutionary because he doesn't seel the sects paper or hasn't got a
copy of the Transitional Program

It is rubbish like this that gives communists a bad name.

I was going to ignore Ryan's efforts but no damn it I will have a go at it.



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