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Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Oct 11 00:20:48 MDT 1996

>: From: Louis N Proyect <lnp3 at columbia.edu>
>: To: left-unity at jefferson.village.Virginia.EDU
>: Subject: Re: Deviant Views
>: Date: 10 October 1996 23:31
>: On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Bill wrote:
>: > and I would fully support such exclusion.  All members of this list
>: > do well to request the full list and see exactly who is a member.
>: > are "vanguardist", "party-builder" types on the list.  The only reason
>: > have not been expelled is that they have remained silent and not
>provided a
>: > reason for expulsion.
>: >
>: Louis: Of course this is true. And we don't mind their presence, I
>: don't think. What we shouldn't put up with is advertisements ninety times
>: a day from the cult-sect of the month. At the Brecht Forum in NYC, nobody
>: stops anybody at the door to check their political affiliation, but if
>: Sparts started showing up on a regular basis and making speeches during
>: the question-and-answer period after a lecture, you bet they would be
>: excluded. This is what happened on this list frankly.

There we have it! The real reason for my being banned from the "unity" list.
I have Spartacist politics! Now Spartacists should be banned from everything
according to Proyect and obviously the moderaters on the "Unity" list agree!
However I am not a member of the Spartacist or its Intern ational Tendency.
However I was and until the time they left Sweden i agreed with their
political line.

Bob Malecki



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