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Fri Oct 11 00:47:02 MDT 1996

>On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Adam Rose wrote:
>> vi) Most importantly, the Bolshevik tradition is far more than simply
>> "democratic centralism" , important though this is. There is also a
>> whole POLITICAL tradition re: ultra leftism, reformism, centrism, and
>> nationalism. This political tradition is MORE important than the
>> organisational tradition : the organisational consequences flow FROM
>> the politics, NOT the other way round.
>Louis P put in his usual mindnumbing anaesthetic:
>Yes, I used to believe the same thing myself. But when we are
>dealing with the propensity of the Fourth International to create all
>sorts of zany creeps, we have to wonder whether the problem might be
>imbedded in the "vanguardist" arrogance of this current. What gives tiny
>little groups the privilege to anoint themselves "nuclei" of the vanguard?
>This is sickness, isn't it?

"Zany creeps", "arrogance", "tiny little groups", "privilege", "anoint
themselves", "sickness" -- you've got to hand it to Louis, he never shrinks
>from using an anti-political psychologizing characterization when he might
have used a principled political one instead.

And Louis-in-the-Middle as always to kick things off with another barefaced lie:

"Yes, I used to believe the same thing myself."

Louis never sees class politics, he sees individual personalities
manoeuvering and manipulating themselves and others. He scrupulously avoids
any mention of the working class and its interests. It's the only thing in
his postings that he *is* scrupulous about.

The big joke is that Louis is speaking about the Fourth International
creating zany creeps when the really zany creeps on this list are the
products of quite different traditions.

But this zany creep stuff is Louis's stock-in-trade. There are people
posting very irrational material to this list, but the vast majority of
them just reflect the irrational foundations of their various Stalinist
traditions. This has been more than abundantly illustrated by Adolfo's and
Louis's recent orgies of accusation. They have been fighting their losing
battles with the desperation of cornered rats. Tied to the mast of the
leaking wreck Substitution they've kept ranting even while the water has
been closing over their heads and filling their lungs. Not a pretty sight.

Now they will forever wander like the Ancient Mariner buttonholing innocent
passers-by to listen to their tragic tales. Louis's albatross is the police
agent libel against a war resister and exile, and it'll never leave him.
Adolfo's is his blood-crazed accusations that everybody not in his clique
within the Feliciano faction are agents of imperialism and Fujimori and
deserve to be shot or stabbed to death on suspicion alone. And his
megalomaniac comparison of a university occupation in Lima in 1963 with the
Petersburg Soviet of 1905, and of himself with Trotsky.



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