PCP-SL supporters in retreat

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I've been asked to forward this.




Rolf Martens wrote:

"I don't know whether you Hugh or you J. Ponce are agents of the
CIA respectively of the SIN or not. But if you're not, you
certainly are providing those agencies with some very cheap
extra held."

"on my part cannot say for certain that they're all
actually *professional agents* (and I don't think Adolfo or Luis
are saying that either) they certainly are VERY reactionary and

The pro-PCP-SL comrades are starting to retreat. Now we are not accused to be
agents but "very reactionary".

In fact, we are only humble trotskyists. Stalin always considered us as
"very reactionary" and that's why he killed Trotsky and millions of

We are committed to a proletarian revolution in Peru and everywhere.
The big difference that we have with you, comrades from the PCP-SL, is that
we are prepared to discuss with you and to make common actions in the mass
struggle, and that you think that everybody else are reactionaries and
should be

You are for a bourgeois revolution without workers councils and we are for a
workers council revolution against the bourgeoisie.

You want to ignore the working class because for you the only struggle
which is important is between a militarist party and the armed forces. You
don't want a SOCIALIST revolution. You want a BOURGEOIS revolution in
alliance with the national bourgeoisie which would suppress the workers
councils, militias and
independent unions.

If some Maoists comrades are very angry with us it is because they couldn't
defend their positions with arguments. All the information that they gave
>from Peru is heavily incorrect.

I ask the comrades from abroad who are in sympathies with the PCP-SL to
re-think. Gonzalo's path led to the destruction of the workers movement
in Peru and to the nasty capitulation of Gonzalo to the "peace agreement" to

If you want to fight for the working class you should stop your provocations
against the workers organisations and your extreme sectarianism and you
should help the workers and popular mobilisations working in a united front

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