Tony Hardin joins Stalinist slander campaign!

Robert Malecki malecki at
Fri Oct 11 01:32:34 MDT 1996

>Anthony writes:
>GO LOU!!!! (The actions of people like this that associate themselves
>with entities like the CPUSA and other political parties for the working
>man also give those of us who belong to these organizations a bad rap. I
>mean, really, some of us DO have common sense! :)  )
>P.S. I have to does blowing up buildings advocate peace?
>Anthony J. Caruso
>acaruso at

Exactly! Tony poses the question; "how does blowing up buildings advocate

The whole point is that NO BUILDINGS WERE BLOWN UP! In fact the accusations
made by the government were a whole series of trials against many people
including myself and Phil Berrigan. I said in my appeal;

"Conspiracy trials, that is you did not have to do anything against
the government to be put on trial, merely talking about it was enough.
One of the big conspiracy trials of the time was the case against
Phil Berrigan and other Catholic priests and nuns who, according to
the government, were planning to bomb the White House and attack the
B-52 bomber planes stationed on Guam in the Pacific Ocean. The key
person in this frame up was an agent sent in by the government to
the prison we were in to get the goods on people. I could have been
a defence witness in this case."
"However at the same time as the above was going on I was charged by
a "secret grand jury" for conspiracy to bomb public buildings and
electric powerplants among other crimes."
"The funny thing about this is that it never happened! The White
House, planes on Guam, electric powerplants, public buildings was
a conspiracy according to the government. In reality we were people
who had always taken responsibility for our actions."

But Proyect the yellow journalist in is ivor to slander and smear joins the
government campaign and even goes futhEr claiming that Malecki and in fact
Berrigan were the "Tim McVeighs" of the anti war movement.

The fact is that Berrigan was charged with conspiracy to blow up the white
house and that the plans for this were being made at the prison we were in!

Nice to know that you now join hands with Proyect and the government in
helping to pin these conspiracies on dedicated anti-war people that took
PUBLIC RESPONSIBILITY for every action that they had taken during the entire
anti war movement.

According to you and Proyect this is not the case. In fact people like
Malecki and Berrigan in reality were bombing buildings! Where is the PROOF!
I want you and Project to prove that Malecki and Berrigan bombed anything! I
want you to PROVE that we were planning to BOMB the White House like the
government claims.

Come on now Proyect and you too Tony the cheer leader. You demanded PROOF
>from me. Now i want you to prove your new accusations that we were the right
wing militia or provacateurs sent in to the anti war movement to sabotage it!

The last time Proyect said he was going to proof that Malecki was a fake and
in fact a paid agent provacateur turned out completely wrong. Now let us see
how Proyect and Tony are going to prove the NEW SLANDERS of Malecki. But not
only Malecki but in fact Phil Berrigan and others who were indicted at the
same time!

How long is M1 going to tolerate this kind of activity from Proyect and his
supporters! A Marxist list that first silently watched Proyect accuse
Malecki of be ing a cop in the pay of the government. A fake who never was
in the anti war movement.

Now the people on M! watch silently as Proyect and his friends start a new
round of slander. Slander to the right of the United States government! In
fact accusing Malecki of being a militia man and backhandedly calling people
like Phil Berrigan who was indicted on bomb charges at the same time the
same thing.

M1 is full of political cowards and renagades who silently support
neo-Stalinist slander of the most gross kind. It is the petty bougeois
intellectual wing of M1 and perhaps some priviledged workers in certain
factories that have joined Proyect and hi slander and campaign of *real* FBI

I condemn all of those now that have not taken a position as political
cowards. I condemn especially the moderaters on "Unity" who allowed Proyect
back onto to Unity at the height of his slander campaign (who were warned)
and now silently accept this new round of slander by this neo-Stalinist
yellow journalist. In fact the *real* "unity" policy is to let peopl like
Proyect  who hates Trotskyism on to Unity while those who defend Trotsky are
banned since the beginning of this fake "unity" list!

And to tell you the truth I think you silence and cowardness makes you far
more dangerous that the madman Proyect. You are slimy cowards who wait in
the wings until the smoke clears! Just like in the Soviet Union that jumped
on the Stalin bandwagon after the physical destruction of the Left Opposition.

You people can't even get it up to defend Malecki. How would it have been
during the time of the Stalin terror. You cowards on M1 make me want to
PUKE. And the moderaters on "Unity" are disgusting political cowards who
gave Project back handed support by allowing him back on Unity while making
special rules for the Trotskyist opposition in the middle of this horrible
Stalinist slander campaign!

Bob Malecki


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