Louis P at lunch -- amazing revelations

Hugh Rodwell m-14970 at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 11 04:16:16 MDT 1996

Louis P wrote:

>I never realized, Hugh, that you were in Sweden. Doug drew my attention to
>it at lunch today. I want to reformulate my proposal for a new list. It
>will be open to every country in the world except Sweden.

During all these months, the man never realized where I live and post from.

This is the fine attention to detail of Factoid Man. No apostrophe or
spelling mistake too minute to escape his eagle eye, and yet ...

Here we have someone who is not only completely alien to principled
political discussion, but so blinded by one-dimensional hostility he can't
even see the tree for the twigs.

As for the comment about excluding Sweden because of a couple of personal
opponents, it is so narrow-mindedly racist and superficial it beggars

He should have consulted a few of the other subscribers in Sweden on the
marxisms and left-unity before condemning himself in this way.



PS Whenever I read about "lunch with Louis", my stomach turns.

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