J.Plant,Liquidating the TP and Trotskyism.(part1)

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J.Plant writes on Unity list.
>>Thinking about the Transitional Programme

>>It is perhaps stating the obvious to say that announcements of
>>imminent death or disaster for capitalism in 1938 were premature.
>>(This is not to 'score points' but simply to state what is true.) The
>>period since WW2 has been characterised by the largest expansions
>>of the capitalist economies in history.

J.Plant not only is wrong and confused about the Transitional Program (TP)
but he is liquidating Trotskyism.

Plant quite clearly is confused and wrong about the TP. Partially because he
claims from the very outset that anybody that still believes in the TP
belong in the dustbin of history meaning i assume that this is a sectarian

The other problem in his revision of the TP, is his complete
misunderstanding of the above two periods mentioned in regards to the
transtional program. In fact i think that his empiral view of this period
has to be discussed in order to understand the way Plant wants to liquidate
or invalidate a program that was valid in 1938 especially and even more so
today on most points!

In fact in 1938 capitalism was in its death agony! Trotsky was absolutely
right about the whole historical period leading up to the victory of facism
in Germany and the coming world war. This is exactly why he wrote that
capitalism was in its death agony. The victory of facism in Germany and the
jockeying of positions of the imperialist powers up until the second world
for a redivision of the spoils which no longer could be developed along
peaceful ways. Only the war and the enormous distruction caused by the
imperialist powers connected to the survival of the Stalinist bureaucracy
and naturally the crisis in the leadership of the proletariat not being
solved saved imperialism during and after the war.

So i say that Plant's claim that the TP was wrong about the death agony of
capitalism is in reality Plant's complete lack of understanding of what the
crisis was
and what the solution to the crisis was and is. In fact the only thing that
saved capitalism was the Stalinist Cominten politics! But Plant blames it on
Trotsky and the TP!

Plant continues;

This expansion has not solved
>all the problems of poverty, inequality and injustice of course. In
>some ways it has ameliorated them, and in others exacerbated
>them. This expansion is not complete yet. The consequences of
>microelectronics and related technologies are still being developed,
>and the impacts of biotechnology and space-based science are only
>just beginning to be felt. Capitalism today is not short of problems,
>some of them very serious - structural unemployment, instabilities in
>the global financial systems (which may in fact no longer be
>understood even by their leading participants), intractable difficulties
>in managing state expenditure. There is a constant downward
>pressure on profitability. But capital is not stagnating. It is in fact
>more revolutionary than in Trotsky's time. It builds and tears down
>again with ever greater ruthlessness. It advances into space, tunnels
>under the 'English Channel', builds ever greater and more hideous
>cities and systems. It remodels states and regions in the wake of its
>pursuit of market opportunity, leaving behind it wars, economic
>devastation or sometimes, economic upsurge, in a pattern that
>asymptotically approaches chaos. Its momentum is exhilarating or
>loathsome, depending on your standpoint and character. Perhaps it
>contains the seeds of problems which it cannot overcome, (or at
>least tolerate) and which will cause its downfall, but this is not yet
>demonstrably the case.

This is more empirical and superfiscal garbage! As if technology, michro
chips and building tunnels under the English Channel has someting to do with
proving that capitalism and imperialism have not become obsolete as a system!

This kind of metodology if it is correct means that Lenin could not possibly
have made a revolution in 1917. I am quite sure that the great inventions
like the airplane,
radio and telegraph technology, the tank or the latest in building in that
period would have led Lenin to draw the conclusion that capitalist expansion
has not come to and end. In fact the first world war proved exactly the

Just as the second world war proved that capitalism and imperialism were
finished as a system of progress. The death and destruction created by
capitalism and imperialism in these two war plus the crisis of leadership of
the proletariat gave imperialism and new period of life! Yes, On the skulls
of millions upon millions of poor and working class people,s heads.

Post second world war expansion is based on the enormous destruction the
bankrupt system and outdated system of imperialism on the heads of millions
upon millions of proletarians. Now Plant comes along and will revise the TP
saying that this is not at all the case! In fact now we have the tunnel
under the English channel! Now we have computers! Now we have michro
biology! Ha. what a joke. The proletarians, the poor and working class
people have nothing!

In fact this so called expansion has beeen at the expense of in the first
hand the destruction of millions upon millions of people and property during
the second world war linked to the complete wrip off of the millions upon
millions of people living in the third world. It must be nice for Plant to
sit in his cozy chair in front of his computer and tell us that the TP was
hasty in saying that capatalism was in its death agony!

Maybe for Plant and his top down pro hi tech view. A product of the spoiled
brat generation of the second world war. But hardly for the millions upon
millions that died in creating this new wealth and security for the middle
class! Plant stuff is the stuff of a renegade! No not a renagade, but
someone who never even understood the brillance of the TP and its complete
correctness on the death agony of Capitalism.

In fact it is the ravings of a soft middle class type that was born after
the second world war and has been sucked into believing that the dynamics of
never ending expansion and new electronic goodies shows us that this old
fart Trotsky was wrong about most things.

Not only was Trotsky right, but the TP in its fundemental thesis about
capitalism is and was completely correct despite this period of post war
expansion. Allready today we are seeing that the golden days of the American
era are far gone. Imperialist rivilry is once again coming to the fore and
all the rest. And Plant with
his both short sighted and empirical view in the face of these events tries
to say that the TP is outdated and those who don,t think so are sectarian.

In fact what Plant is really saying is LIQUIDATE TROTSKYISM because
revolution is impossible. In fact although he does not say, as of yet, is
that he wants to replace the revolutionary transitional program with
something else!! Another program that liqudates the very essence of
revolution politics of both Leninism and Trotskyism. More then likely to
replace it with something along the lines of Mandels long waves theory at
best! But with a big dos of technocracy along the lines of Ian Rand! What a
scandal! What a fake. Those who can not defend the old will never defend the

We shall see!


To be continued!

Bob Malecki

PS: Can someone send this to the Unity list i am banned from please?




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