Afghanistan rapists want new list

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at
Fri Oct 11 02:32:04 MDT 1996

Count Proyect wrote, on 10.10, i.a.:

>I never realized, Hugh, that you were in Sweden. Doug drew my attention to
>it at lunch today. I want to reformulate my proposal for a new list. It
>will be open to every country in the world except Sweden.

This might look lite a little joke. But when you remember than
this Earl, together precisely with Dougie too, with relish quoted
someone's saying "if there was ever a country that deserved to be
raped, it was Afghanistan" (well, Doug made what looked like
a half retraction later, when I attacked it) - then you can see
that behind the "light" tone there does lie that *superpower
ideology* of, "yeah, why don't we just bomb'em back to the stone
age?", or try to, anyway - these people are not entirely alone
in the world and will not become terribly popular, if people
in general get a chance to listen in on their dinner discussions.

Rolf M.

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