Trotskyists, the FSLN and the PCP-SL

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Fri Oct 11 06:48:44 MDT 1996

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Hugh Rodwell (speaking for a Morenoite) said:

> Louis P.'s comrades in Peru would not be friends of the PCP-SL because
> the PCP-SL would not allow them to be. In the Internet it is possible to see
> how political forces which are on the opposite sides of the barricades can
> unite against the trotskyists.

Louis: I am not against all Trotskyists, just Hugh Rodwell. I find Adam
Rose, Luciano Dondero and Jim Miller all intelligent and worthy comrades
who I have sharp disagreements with.

> Louis agreed with the Sandinista's repression of the Morenoite-Trotskyists
> in Nicaragua. I didn't agree with the policies of Moreno but I uncritically
> defend their democratic freedoms. The Sandinista's attacks against them was
> one of the first steps towards their policy of rebuilding a capitalist
> semi-colonial state and towards giving back the administration to the right.

Louis: Ah yes, somehow everybody in the world except a small number of
Trotskyists saw what was *really* going on in Nicaragua. The radical land
reform, the literacy, nutrition and health programs, the orientation to
the USSR seemed to evoke another Cuban Revolution in Washington. This in
turn prompted the Reagan administration to recruit Argentinia fascist
generals to organize the first contra groups. But of course what the FSLN
had in mind was to create a state compliant to the US, just as the one
that exists today. The only thing that stood in their way were the
miniscule band of Morenoite-Trotskyists in Nicaragua, not the contra bases
in Honduras and Costa Rica financed by the most powerful imperialist state
in history and its most reactionary allies.

Only in the rarefied existence of Trotskyist sects do you get this type of
bizarre ideation.

> If Louis is in favour of the repression of the Morenoite-Trotskyist wing of
> the Sandinistas, he should be in favour of the FSLN repression of other
> Maoist forces which happened at the same time. Louis also have to agree with

Louis: Quite so.

> In the middle of the so-called "popular war" all the Castroite and left
> liberals, who are supporting the Maoists in the Internet in a sort of
> "rotten block" against trotskyism, are "critically" supporting the state
> against the Maoists guerrillas.  The Maoist liberal and Castroite allies in
> the Internet are direct targets of the PCP-SL actions in Peru. In Peru they
> repress each other but in the cyber-space they make a rotten block against
> bolshevism-leninism.

Louis: You have it all wrong. I absolutely invite people who want to have
raging ideological battles about the PCP versus Trotskyism to take it over
to Hans Egbar's unmoderated list. I simply expect the new moderated list
to deal with more mundane topics like Zinoviev's concept of Leninism, the
role of the Neandrethal in social evolution, the role of the Labor Party
in England, etc.

> Are the pro-PCP-SL in favour of the FSLN repression against the left-wingers
> which were creating unions against the bourgeois state? Are the pro-FSLN
> friends of the PCP-SL in the Internet in favour of the FSLN and Castro
> support of the Garcia repression against the PCP-SL prisoners?

Louis: Well, you'll have to direct this question to them. I personally,
however, am for repression of all morons on the Internet, be they
Trotskyist or Maoist. Rolf Martens and Hugh Rodwell spring to mind

> 3-  It's very good that Louis P. is against this kind of insults and
> accusations. I don't know very much about the marxist-list. I am not part of
> it but some times I received forwarded articles from it. The only people
> that like to make these kind of accusations, apart from arch-Stalinists
> like Olaechea, is comrade Louis P. One of the reasons why many people are
> not trying to be in the Marxist list is because they have to receive endless
> messages with accusations that a trotskyist exile in Sweeden is the worst
> person in the planet and also an FBI agent.

Louis: There is no reason to accuse Malecki of anything anymore. The
Cleveland Plain-Dealer articles put a magnifying glass on his role in the
US antiwar movement, and a pretty rancid one it is.

> Some times very few people in Peru can read some interesting articles from
> c. Louis Project. He should concentrate in doing them. If you are against

Louis: I'm not sure who "Project" is. I am Proyect, which is Yiddish for
"counting-house of a tax farmer", prevalent in the Minsk region in
mid-19th century Russia.

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