On Najibullah once more: A quote

Rolf Martens rolf.martens at mailbox.swipnet.se
Fri Oct 11 04:44:44 MDT 1996

As another contribution to the discussion - or what
you might call it - on Afghanistan and recent history,
I quote a couple of paragraphs from a recent issue of
the Net magazine "FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT", published
>from Canada, 07.10.96:

by Eric Margolis
October 6, 1996

STRASBOURG, FRANCE -  When fighters of the Taliban movement
stormed Kabul last week, the first thing they did was to
force their way into the UN compound where the former Afghan
communist dictator, Najibullah, his brother, and three
henchmen had been sheltered since 1992.

Najibullah and the other communists were beaten, shot, and
then hanged in downtown Kabul.  The delicate sensibilities
of western observers and the world media were deeply

Mine were not.  Having covered the war in Afghanistan, I
vividly recall how Najibullah and his KhAD secret police,
and their KGB masters, murdered tens of thousands of
political opponents and mujihadin by having them slowly
frozen in special refrigerators, burned with gasoline,
electrocuted, eyes gouged out, flayed, thrown into tubs of
acid, or buried alive.

[So far, "FOREIGN CORESPONDENT". - On calling Najibullah &
friends "communists", the quoted writer agrees with some
people on this list but not with me. The main thing here
of course is not what you call things but whether you to
*support* the aggressors and their Quislings or *oppose* them.
Rolf M.]

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