Apology to Tony Hardin

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Oct 11 08:56:54 MDT 1996

>Dear Bob,

>You quoted:
>>>P.S. I have to ask...how does blowing up buildings advocate peace?
>>>Anthony J. Caruso
>>>acaruso at juno.com
>And then said:
>>Exactly! Tony poses the question; "how does blowing up buildings advocate
>>The whole point is that NO BUILDINGS WERE BLOWN UP! In fact the accusations
>>made by the government were a whole series of trials against many people
>>including myself and Phil Berrigan. I said in my appeal;
>Be careful, Bob. This bloke is Anthony Caruso. Tony Hardin is Australian
>and not bad.
>I think you owe Tony H an apology! Especially since you put his name in the

Your right! Christ i truly apologize to you Tony Hardin. The name was Tony

Bob Malecki

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