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Adam Rose adam at
Fri Oct 11 02:43:34 MDT 1996

Louis writes:
> On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Adam Rose wrote:
> > vi) Most importantly, the Bolshevik tradition is far more than simply
> > "democratic centralism" , important though this is. There is also a
> > whole POLITICAL tradition re: ultra leftism, reformism, centrism, and
> > nationalism. This political tradition is MORE important than the
> > organisational tradition : the organisational consequences flow FROM
> > the politics, NOT the other way round.
> >
> Louis: Yes, I used to believe the same thing myself. But when we are
> dealing with the propensity of the Fourth International to create all
> sorts of zany creeps, we have to wonder whether the problem might be
> imbedded in the "vanguardist" arrogance of this current. What gives tiny
> little groups the privilege to anoint themselves "nuclei" of the vanguard?
> This is sickness, isn't it?

Louis, you sad bastard. Stop whinging on about the Fourth International.

If you have something interesting to say about the Commintern, say it.
Otherwise, shut up.

To quote myself [ :-) ] :
> these years have left us with a goldmine of revolutionary strategy and tactics

Stop digging a hole for yourself and start digging at this seam, and you might
end up saying something interesting.


PS. Recently you said you'd ignore Malecki. You have broken your promise.

Adam Rose


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