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Richard Bos Richard.Bos at
Fri Oct 11 07:57:26 MDT 1996

You are spot on abour Ireland, Gary.

It is true that the attitude of most of the British left is a disgrace.
How dare they sit in the oppressor nation and slag off the oppressed who
are fighting as best they know how! I do not idealise the IRA and I know
that they get it wrong quite a lot, but I know what my role in this
should be.

The role of the the left here should be to get the British army out of
Ireland. We have no right to play daddy, or big brother to the Irish
people. That has been the problem since Oliver Cromwell.

As long as the British stay there the whole political scene is like a
distorting mirror, and the Irish people will have no chance to come to
terms with their differing traditions and can't begin to look at things
with a class perspective.

It has the same effect on the British political scene. How else could it
be possible for many on the left to be as good as siding with the
British imperialist state, against Irish workers who have had to put up
with generations of poverty and have had enough!


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