A note to Jon Flanders about Adolfo

Louis R Godena louisgodena at ids.net
Fri Oct 11 07:28:06 MDT 1996

Jon,   you write:

>I completely agree that labeling anyone that disagrees with you as a
>counter-revolutionary is wrong. This is the heart of the problem of the method
>that Adolpho uses. It leads him to the extremes that we have witnessed in the
>last few days.

In fairness to Adolfo,  Jon,  it must be pointed out that he did not engage
others to write palliatives on his behalf only to later announce that he had
been "asked" to "forward" this solicited material to the Marxism list.
Adolfo,  so far as I know,  has always spoken for himself without fear or
favor,   or without resorting to such subterfuge.    And for that--and much
else--he has my respect and support.

And,  while we are on the subject,  what of these "mass worker
organizations" themselves?    I find it difficult to ascertain if they even
exist outside the imaginations of  "J Ponce,  Jj Plant,  *et al*.    "Poder
Obrero",  we are asked to believe,  is in the forefront of revolutionary
struggle in the urban centers of Lima and elsewhere.    Yet,  one will
search in vain for any reference to them virtually anywhere in the
literature of the Latin American Left.    The latest edition of *Peru: paths
to poverty*,  for example,  lists every known poliitcal organization,
union,  association,  etc., to the left of Fujimori.

"Poder Obrero" is not among them.

No,  my friend,  I suspect  what we are witnessing here is that fraudulence
of anonymity that characterizes much of the internet and which is only made
worse by the nature of the "white" "legal left" in our own societies.

Our very own version of Babylon.

Louis Godena

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