Which Afghanistan rape applauder(s) "should out"?

Robert Malecki malecki at algonet.se
Fri Oct 11 08:56:50 MDT 1996

>Bob M,
>You wrote i.a.:
>>How long will the list accept this kind of *real* and extremely dangerous
>>activity from Proyect and Doug?

Rolf writes;
>Well, I think their writings are pretty bad too. But what's this
>"kick'em out!" hint doing here? Why should everybody be "kicked out"
>as soon as they're impopular with some? Yes I know you had a problem
>with US imperialist authorities, perhaps still have. But how can
>these people hurt you, even so?

There is a a extremely big difference about political debate and personal
slander Rolf. To call somebody on the list a cop or fascist without any
proof is criminal both here on the list but in the workers movement in
general. Unfortunately this comes from the Stalin school of falsification.
When you can not answer politicallly your opponents then slander or even
better kill them!
>And you should remember that you too are *applauding* the same
>rape of Afghanistan as they're doing. So, is there such a big
>difference between their line and yours?
>Rolf M.

I do not think i was applauding. In fact i said that I took no
responsibility for the policies of the Stalinists in Afghanistan. I have no
tears for najibullla. But in taking sides between the "reforms" of the
Stalinists and Islamic fundementalism i do take sides! The side of the
Stalinists against Islamic fundementalism.

This has nothing to do with calling Rolf a cop ao a Nazi. This is a
political evaluation and position. You appear to support the Islamic
fundementalists along the Maoists ideas of social imperialism. I do not
demand your being put off the list for having a false political position.

But personal slander and cop and facist baiting on this list without proof
should be handled first with a warning and then with expulsion for two weeks.

Bob Malecki

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