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Louis N Proyect lnp3 at
Fri Oct 11 11:12:53 MDT 1996

On Fri, 11 Oct 1996, Jj Plant wrote:

> How do you think a moderated list would deal with posts supporting the murder
> of workers leaders ? Do you think people who object to those murders will not
> protest ? Of course they will. Volume rules will simply mean that it takes MUCH
> longer to exhaust the subject.

Louis: This is easy. It is *off-topic*. When Adolfo made a big stink about
that "snitch" from Peru last April who he wanted everybody on the list to
step forward and find guilty, I knew we were headed down the slippery
slope. We had nothing but 3 months of Martens, Quispe, Burford trying to
get to the bottom of things. The bottom of things, if you ask me, is the
Malecki-thing's rectum.

We have to prohibit not only that, but people from PO demanding the list
get involved with a discussion of the murder of some Trotskyist in Peru.

If I decided to spend some time talking about Peru, I would be looking
into the history of APRA, Hugo Blanco's guerrilla actions, Mariategui, the
nature of anti-Indian racism, the origins of the PCP, the role of coca in
the economy, etc. But you Trotskyists can't muster the intellectual energy
to do such research.

For all the talk of how brilliant Trotsky was, not a one of you has
contributed an outstanding piece of class analysis for the list. You have
never analyzed any the countries you have strong opinions on, from Cuba to
Peru. You are intellectually vacuous for the most part.

What a disgrace. A movement that once produced works like CLR James'
"Black Jacobins", Felix Morrow's book on the Spanish Civil War or any of a
thousand articles written by Trotsky produces nothing but windbags today
who recite tired formulas as if they were chants at a football game.

Louis Godena, who hails from the "anti-intellectual" world of the CPUSA,
has produced more interesting and informed opinion on this list than all
of you put together.

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