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REPLY: Yes,  Saul Cantoral was an honest and brave leader of the Peruvian
proleatriat. He and several others of the mining federation never opposed
 the revolutionary initiatives of the masses that in many cases were led by
the PCP. Public documents of the Party denounced the reactionary press
and the regime for falsely blaming the PCP and denied any involvement.
Few years later, the true came to light. Army General Rodolfo Robles
reported with evidence (secret documents handed over to the U.S. Embassy
where he ran for "protection" before his assylum in Argentina.) In 1996
these documents were made public (read the book "Crime and Impunity" by
Gen. Robles, APRODEH, 1996) The evidenc showed that Fujimori-Montesinos
death squad "Grupo Colina" killed Santoral, Pedro Huillca (a corrupt
pro-Moscow leader), Castilla and others (it is likely that Chiara was also
a victim of one of the 3 death squads groups identified by Gen. Robles.)
The PCP always acknowledge publicly of his actions, proven
 enemies and blood suckes of the people are warned in advance (e.g., the
case of Moyano, Capt. Percovich, Col. Montes, death squad member Yukimoto,
etc.) All of them with debts of blood in their hands.

Trots in Peru are so tiny (there are about 6 tendencies) and politically
irrelevant. Their prominent leader- (PST or PRT) have long capitulated.
Hugo Blanco ended up as a Congressman, now discredited in Peru as a fan of
the military, Fernandez is a  prominent
"businessman", Lucar (a real informant working in TV -Channel 4 Revista
Dominical, nailing in his program suspected PCP "terrorists"
That's the reality. We will follow up.

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> The Red Flag said:
> First, we noted that a debate has began on the tale
> spread by the reactionary forces and imperialism "the PCP kills leftists."
> The case of Chiara and the infantile response of Olaechea that everyone
> who opposes the People's War must be a police agent is not only stupid, but
> contrarerevolutionary. Similarly, abroad, whoever disagrees with him or his
> partner Arce Borja must be a CIA agent of . That's
> not the line of the PCP and Olaechea was never a member of the PCP.
> We are researching the Chiara case, specifically the work of the PCP in
> the shoe factory "diamante" located at Avenida Argentina in Lima. This
> case was also mentioned in the 1992 CIA Fact book and a SWP booklet against
> the PCP. However, it doesn't mean we should dismiss it, we will post a
> document on this matter shortly.
> Olaechea's reply was "Chiara was a fascist revisionist CIA-Fujimori who
> deserve to be kill ... but he really existed? who was him?"
> The crime happened half a decade ago and the PCPSL was uncapable to give any
> evidence that this valiant and heroic working class fighter was a traitor.
> It will be good if we can have an answer on the case of Saul Cantoral.
> He was the main leader of the miners federation and of the great miners
> general strike in the late 1980s. In Peru the miners unions were the
> vanguard of the working class. Cantoral was a very militant trade unionist.
> he was in opposition against the PCP-Unidad (Pro-Moscow) bureaucracy of the
> CGTP. He was murdered and in his body there was a symbol of the PCPSL. Other
> miners trade unionists were also killed.
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