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Fri Oct 11 14:06:39 MDT 1996

Hello List!

In my studies of Marx as a student of Sociology, I have come across a
question that I cannot find an answer to locally, so I thought I would put
it to the list and see what gives...  please keep in mind that I am fairly
new to Marxist thought, so what I might have to ask may be common
knowledge.  If so, please let me know and I will make it MY common
knowledge also.

I have been looking at the relationship between Marx's traditional steps
towards a Utopia and I have seen the times when changes have occured with
the power structure in our society.  Most of those changes do seem to
appear at the times when large advances in communication have evolved.  I
am curious to know if there is anyone who has studied the possible
connection between the speed of communication and the level of class
consciousness.  What brought me to this question, is that it appears that
now, with the Internet, I would see that it is very possible, given the
assumption that all of society has access to the internet (yea, I know, for
now a far fetched assumption), that teh pure speed of communication on the
Internet is going to bring about a strong class consciousness and lead more
closely towards full human freedom.  Is this something that has been
explored?  If so, I would like to know where I can find some reading on
this topic...

Thanks for the help!

Scott Crawford
scrawfor at

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