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>Louis commented on what is 'appropriate' for this list. If this list has been
>destroyed already, then what does it matter. Press ahead with the new menu of
>lists. Get them announced and working.
>How do you think a moderated list would deal with posts supporting the murder
>of workers leaders ? Do you think people who object to those murders will not
>protest ? Of course they will. Volume rules will simply mean that it takes
>longer to exhaust the subject.
>Part of the process of trying to nail a lie consists in being tiresome, in
>repeating questions, in pointing out evasions and falsifications. If you
set up
>rules that moderate ONLY by volume but permit content of accusations, threats
>etc, then the list will get bogged down with very slow discussions about them.
>Dealing with Adolfo's posts is an unpleasant task that has taken a lot of
>and diverted me from other things I want to write. But it arose out of an
>interesting discussion about Lenin's 'On Co-operation', which developed into a
>comparison between the trotskyist and maoist strategies. On a moderated list,
>or an unmoderated list with high quality participants, posters should have
>challenged to substantiate their accusations. Some subscribers to this list
>just that (and I thank them for it), but that was not enough to prevent a
>continued flow of accusations about fascists, agents of this, that and the
>other, and eventually physical threats of the silliest kind (which are silly
>only in London of course. Even in London it is possible that these people
>try to follow up on Adolfo's threat against me. He was bright enough to accept
>the option I gave him of backing off, but if any harm befalls me in the near
>future, the entire archive of the discussion has been copied to a reliable
>friend who will make it available to whoever has to investigate).
>So how else could you deal with a development like Adolfo's behaviour on a
>moderated list. You might decide, by vote or by moderatorial decision, that a
>particular thread had to be transferred off the controlled list into an
>uncontrolled one. That might work. But suppose the offending party declined to
>continue the discussion there. Then he or she would have got away with the
>accusations or threats by hiding behind the rules of moderation. What then ?
>The moderated list would be discredited and the unmoderated list unworkable.
>And 'Marxists across the planet' will have the same problem as before.

And what ever happened to your debate in Conway Hall, gasbag?  Chickened out
already?   Afraid of facing the masses with your cheap imperialist inspired
slanders against the People's War in Peru?

Do you always look in the mirror when you write your mailers?  Is that -
perchance-  why you were so gallant in dishing around the white feathers and
calling me a coward?  Who is the coward now fearfully kneejerking in public?
What a "revolutionary"!

No wonder your buddies of PO have spent 16 years of People's War trembling
under their Belaunde/Garcia/Fujimori "non-fascist" blankets while calling
for counter-revolutionary "General Strikes" meant as a tool to demobilise
the real struggles of the working class and the labouring people while
serving the fascist regime and the strategy of the CIA and the Peruvian
Military High Command!.

There are quite a few people in London who would love to see you blanch in
the podium of the MAIN AUDITORIUM of Conway Hall.  In fact,  I'll pay the
difference between your puny offer of an 80 people hall and the main hall.
Let's make it international too.  Bring malecki along. I know a few thousand
Turkish friends here that want to ask him questions about his slanders
against the martyred Turkish prisoners on hunger strike.  Maybe Rodwell, and
even "commander Quispe" would dare to come "under a guard of Huillcas,
Ponces, and Chiaras (without forgetting his "brave" MUTT D. and the rest of
the Avakian crowd).

There is enough black and sugarless coffee for all of you here!

Adolfo Olaechea


Let's make it "mano-a-mano" and hold a debate entitled "The allegation that
the Peruvian revolutionaries kill Leftists - true or false".  A debate
between the Trotskyst Mr. J. Plant and Adolfo Olaechea from Committee Sol Peru.

You bring your friends, and appoint a co-Chairman.  I will do the same.
Let's publicise it to the general public, and see what the ordinary people
have to say!

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