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Fri Oct 11 12:52:12 MDT 1996

>On Thu, 10 Oct 1996, Rosser Jr, John Barkley wrote:
>>      1)  It's put up or shut up time, Lou.  Either you find
>> some copies of the Cleveland Plain Dealer that malecki
>> cited that lack his claimed articles, or I think that you
>> must admit that at least part of his tale is correct, even
>> if you disagree with how he claims to have participated in
>> the antiwar movement (trying to blow up buildings).  You
>> certainly did find some discrepancies in his tale, but your
>> broader claim that he is a police agent hired to disrupt
>> the list (although he does disrupt the list) looks
>> increasing laughable.
>Louis: Yes, I do owe Malecki a profuse apology. He certainly was guilty of
>crimes and I'm glad he finally furnished the list with some evidence of
>his past. He states that he was stockpiling dynamite to use in "public
>buildings" and in a "power plant" to protest the Vietnam war. You describe
>this "participating" in the antiwar movement. You are an even bigger
>schmuck than I thought you were. What were you doing in the late 60s and
>early 70s? Sitting in graduate student housing studying microeconomics?
>Some of us were trying to mobilize millions of people into action against
>a horrible imperialist war. The acts of people like the one's in Malecki's
>gang or the ones who penetrated the Black Panther Party have nothing to do
>with the 60s. They were often the result of conscious police provocation
>with the assistance of pretty stupid people or people who had their brains
>fried on acid. These types of "radical" actions helped to destroy the
>black liberation movement and nearly derailed the antiwar movement, but we
>won't let them destroy this list.

And you are forgetting here the second and worst crime of malecki, Lou.
After the "left opportunist crime" of stealing dynamite and planning
indivilualistic terrorist actions geared against the masses, THEN, Robert A.
Malecki sold out to the FBI and in exchange for lenience surrenderd the
weapons that his comrades "liberated" in the fist place.

To the "left" crime of reckless provocation, the Right-wing crime of
CAPITULATION and collaboration was added.  What malecki has done by
publishing his "exoneneration" is to prove beyond doubt that anyone calling
him an FBI collaborator is absolutely on the ball!

A provocateur and a police collaborator!  Sounds like those other Fujimori
midgets - the Manhattan property firm and asylum rights brokers of Wilfredo
& William Palomino Ltd - joggling absurd concepts like if they were Kentucky
fried chicken pieces -  even getting Kamenev and Zinoviev into the soup -
just to say that they NOW believes that Fujimori's peace plan is not such a
fraud after all.

That THEY, LIKE THE RIM LEADERS, now believe that it is "very much more
likely" that is in fact the PERSON of Chairman Gonzalo who is leading the
capirtulators plot in Peru.

Now, according to the Fujimori Zoo of "Quispe-Ponce-Chiara-Huillca and Co"
Gonzalo THOUGHT has become "separated" from the person of the leader of the
Peruvian revolution.  When was the last time your thoughts separated from
your body Lou?  Malecki's did long ago, after the 2023 Lsd overdosis, or

I wonder why these Groucho Marxists feel that they have to write kilometric
sagas just to let the world know that they are now working full time with
those who openly slander the PCP and Chairman Gonzalo?  Like Rodwell and
malecki, the more they talk the more they reveal which side they are on.

Adolfo Olaechea

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