The Dead Lion & The Live Ass(es); Lenin, Pipes, Will

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Fri Oct 11 13:26:23 MDT 1996

  For those who look closely enough at
>this and similar efforts sponsored by the likes of the Olin Foundation,  the
>William T Morris Foundation,  and--that old CIA standby--the "Open Society
>Institute",   Lenin's reputation as the foremost revolutionary of our
>century will continue to rest secure.
>,Louis Godena

Exactly!.  The many attacks of the bourgeois scribblers posing as Marxists
against the proletarian leaders is part and parcel of the class struggle.

Bob Avakian, for example, who claims himself a Marxist-Leninist-Maoist
always speaks like this:

Leninism is great - however "Lenin was not called a German agent for
absolutely no reason". Maoism is sublime - however, on the question of
proletarian internationalism, Mao "had the same position" as Connolly, and
was not a consistent Leninist.  Marx, wasn't his beard sexy? - However,
"sometimes Marx was not a Marxist".  At least not a "real marxist" like Boby

Avakian, like the bourgeois scholars, also want to separate a man from his
ideas.  Ideas good, man no so good, in fact, a downright capitulator, an
anti-semite, a sex-fiend, etc.

A propos, and just for laughs at laborious straining and theoretical huffing
and puffing.  Have you read the latest kilometric "production" emerging from
the Fujimori "ideological" toilet?.  It carries a long and stinking turd,
precisely advancing a "theoretical justification" for this old and senile
bourgeois trick.


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